Switch Your Career in 4 Easy Steps

switch your career

Tired of your career? Hate your working environment? Is there too much stress involved with your job? Then stop right there, stop stressing yourself out, and leave your job—seriously. Unless you want to end up with a depressed mood every day, wishing that you were something more or that you took more chances, then you need to follow these four simple steps and put yourself on the right track to a new career.

Find Your Passion

First step: find your passion. What are you truly passionate about in life? Do you love arts and crafts enough to see yourself becoming a store owner? Do you want to be extremely wealthy by becoming an entrepreneur? Or perhaps you’d like a simple freelancer’s life where you draw commissioned artwork for clients and businesses. Whatever it is, find your passion so that you have an easier time doing the next few steps. Don’t know what you like? Then do this simple exercise. Open up a word document or grab a piece of paper and list the things that truly make you happy in life. Write down things you did as a child, write down your happiest moments in life, and build some ideas around those memories. Before you know it, you’ll have brainstormed a dozen different things you’re passionate about and it’ll be easier to narrow it down.

Study It

Studying doesn’t mean you have to go back to school or apply to a university and increase your debt. In fact, studying can be done online, as shown on Find Your Context. The internet is a huge advantage in modern learning. Not only can we study anything we like from a diverse range of courses, we don’t even need to attend an official online “school”. We can simply learn using video tutorials, lectures, guides and even blog posts.

switch your career

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Find Your Career Options

Now that you’ve found your passion and you’re studying it, you need to find out what kind of career choices you have. For instance, if you love drawing and you’re currently studying how to use traditional media to paint and sketch, then one of the most common choices available to you is to become a freelance artist. Commissioned artwork is very popular, and people will ask you to draw everything from their portrait to their house. A great way to look for career options is to simply search online, such as “how does an artist get money?” or “what career options are there for a musician”.

Make the Switch

Now that you have a passion, plenty of knowledge, and career options to pursue, are you mentally prepared for the switch? Keep in mind that depending on what career you chose, you might end up having to move home, you might need to say goodbye to friends, and there’s a chance you’ll even have to move country to pursue your passion. It takes a lot of preparation to switch careers, but if you’re as dedicated as you think, then make the switch and don’t look back because the worst thing you can do at this stage is regret your decision.

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