Best Workout Routine for Ectomorphs to Build and Maintain Muscles 

best workout routine for ectomorphs

While many people around the planet struggle to lose weight, some folks are just blessed to naturally have thin and lean bodies. However, it is not uncommon for long and thin people to want to get jacked and pack up some muscle.

Well, with this kind of body, building muscle and maintaining it can be an uphill task unless you follow a specific exercise regimen and stick to a certain diet.

Are you an ectomorph looking to build muscle and maintain a jacked-up body? If so, here’s an overview of the best workout routine for extomorphs you should follow for muscle building and maintenance.

Who is an Ectomorph? 

As opposed to endomorphs, whose bodies tend to appear rounder and softer with a high-fat percentage, an ectomorph is a person with a skeletal frame with minimal fat distribution.

They can also be defined basically as a lean person with a low body fat percentage and no significant muscle mass in their body. This is as opposed to a person with lean muscle, who is said to have an athletic body type.

An ectomorph will usually have a slender build, with their arms, neck, and legs appearing slim and longer. Occasionally, people with this body physique tend to have a deeper voice, including men and women.

Exercise Routine for Ectomorphs 

As earlier hinted, ectomorphs usually have a harder time trying to put on muscle. This is major because people with this kind of physique usually have a higher metabolism compared to other body types like mesomorphs and endomorphs. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s impossible to gain and sustain muscle as an ectomorph.

Team Cellucor’s recent article suggests that with the right diet and some powerful workouts for ectomorphs, you can build muscle faster than you might have thought.

3 to 5 workout sessions of 30-55 minutes could be all you need to start noticing real results. Below are some muscle-building workouts you should include in your routine as an ectomorph.


1. Strength training

Strength training is a crucial component of any muscle-building regimen. Done a minimum of 3 times a week, it helps increase your body’s production of testosterone, which plays a crucial role in improving muscle mass and energy.

Here, you’ll be focusing on different exercises using different sets and reps. for each exercise; you’ll perform a set with a moderate intensity level using the proper form.

Then rest for 30 seconds, and then perform another set using another moderate intensity level. Examples of strength training exercises include squats, rows, lunges, presses, pull-ups, and dips.

2. Pushups and abs exercises

Also called press-ups, pushups are perhaps the easiest and most common exercise you can do to build muscle mass and strength, at least if you want to improve flexibility or mobility and fit into your clothes better. Also, it’s the best core exercise to perform if you want to build a ripped midsection.

There are different kinds of push ups but for a small set of 10 reps, do a standard push-up position. Once you’ve completed 10 reps, lower your arms to the floor in a plank position. Then push yourself up again to the top position.

Abs exercises also come in many forms, from crunches to Pilates, planks, and bicycle crunches. You might not need them as much if you’re an ectomorph, but they’re also essential if you want a well-ripped tummy.

3. Squats and deadlifts

If you are an ectomorph, then performing high-intensity squats and deadlifts will help you build muscle mass and strength. This is especially true if you are at your starting point of muscle gain.

For a small set of 8 reps, start with a moderate intensity level. Then once you’ve finished, perform a set of 10 reps at a very high-intensity level. Repeat this two times, and then finish up with another set at a moderate intensity level.

4. Balancing it up 

Successful muscle building as an ectomorph also means balancing your workout focus areas so you pack up evenly. To avoid ending up with a funny-looking physique, these tips can help you get great results.

  • Upper Body – Do upper body training 3-5 times a week. Try to do shoulder presses, chest presses, and dips, among others.
  • Lower Body – Do lower body training 3-5 times a week. Do leg presses, squats, and deadlifts.
  • Full Body – Do full-body training 5-6 times a week. Do dips, lunges, and push-ups.
  • Cardio – To get the most out of your workouts, don’t forget to combine strength training with cardio workouts every now and then. It’s one of the most effective ways to improve fitness, avoid injuries, and maximize muscle growth as an ectomorph.

Despite having a seemingly higher metabolism, ectomorphs too can build muscle and keep their bodies toned. With the above tips, you can turn your long and skinny–looking body into an attractive, muscular, and toned physique in not so long.

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