Brand New Novel Ways To Promote Your Brand

promoting your brand

So we know that a huge amount of making a side hustle successful is getting your products and company name out there to the public. In fact, you may well have been trying things like branded mouse mats or mugs, as a way of doing this. But when it comes to organizing your own marketing you might want to go for something a little more out of the box, that will grab your clients attention. So read on for some novel suggestions.

Reviewer samples

Blogging is big business these days, and not only is it a good way of getting your brand name and product out there, but it can also help with your SEO marketing as well. But what is the best way to go about it?

Well, it seems to be pretty much the industry standard to offer free products in return for reviews. Yes, I know, some business owners feel that bloggers should pay for the products that they receive. But come on now, you want to give them as much reason to include you on their blog as you can. So that usually means providing things gratis.

Instagram your heart out

The internet can be utilized in another way to promote your brand and business, and that is by using social media coverage, especially, but not exclusively Instagram.

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For the uninitiated, Instagram is an image sharing site that allows people to take stylish pictures of what they are doing, eating, using, or wearing, and display them to the whole world. Sounds a little narcissistic? Well, maybe, but is super awesome coverage for your product and brand, and it also a platform that can work very well for this sort of promotion because of the visual aspects.

Branded events

Another novel way of promoting your brand or side hustle company is to host a branded event. Now you may be concerned with the cost of this, and it is true that you will need to weigh this against the potential benefits. But the truth is that some companies, in particular, can really benefit from these sorts of events.

Firstly, direct selling business uses these sorts of events to get their sales staff pumped up and motivated for the next year. Their employee’s motivation can run largely off the success of an event like this for months afterward, so if your business falls into this category, it’s worth investigating.

Also smaller companies can benefit from branded events conducted on a smaller scale. These are a great way to involve social media influencers, get everyone using your products, and provide them with a positive experience that will foster a great relationship.

Branded Event: How To Do It

But how can you put on one of these events? Well, whether they are large or small, you need to think about fun and showmanship. For example, don’t just include dry powerpoint presentations, give physical demonstrations, and let people try the products.

Also give the guests the star treatment with little ways of being pampered like a nail bar, celebratory food such as cupcakes, or macarons, and break away entertainments like the photo booths available from Which are perfect for collecting some lastings memory of the day.

Lastly, your ‘ace in the hole’ so to speak is providing all attendees with a gift bag of your products to take home with them. They have heard you talk about how wonderful they are all day, so it’s only fair to give them the chance to test out and talk about the things for themselves!

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Essentially an event like this is all about fostering a positive experience. Which is hopefully reflected in the guests ongoing attitude to your brand and products.

Of course, you’ll also need attendees at your event.  If no one shows up, you’ve wasted time and resources.  It is important to learn how to promote your event and get the maximum number of attendees as possible


There is nothing like a good collaboration to help get your side hustle brand of the ground. You just need to find the right company to collaborate with. For example, it’s best to choose a business that is similar to your but has a better more well-known brand.

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When working with a bigger brand, you will benefit from all of the coverage that they get and the customer base that they already have will be exposed to your products and name.

Remember it a two-way deal, as they get something out of the bargain too, as you are providing original ideas and hard work.  Which can often bring in a different set of customers to the ones that they were already pitching to.


Just make sure that you have your name on any collaborations that you do. As you need that work to be credited to you for it to be a valid promotional tool.