Why you Should Start Buying Custom-made Dresses

If you have considered buying a custom-made dress, you have probably also wondered whether the investment is worth it. However, you should know that bespoke wear is not a frivolous investment because you can wear it to many occasions. There is a reason why custom dresses cost more: they fit flawlessly.

A few inches make a great difference when it comes to the fit, so you should not hesitate to visit your tailor. If you are out of ideas about the clothes you would like, you can alter the ones you already own but do not like. Here are some reasons why you should consider buying a bespoke dress:


Getting a dress made for you is quite convenient. You only need to visit a tailor, get measured, and wait for your dress to be made. The alternative is quite inconvenient because you would have to visit several stores to find the right dress.

Ready made dresses come in generic sizes and chances are that you will have to alter the dress that you end up buying. This kind of shopping takes up too much time that you can spend doing productive things. Although going to a tailor means you will get your dress later, the time spent shopping is reduced drastically.

Better quality

Bespoke dresses are of a higher quality than off-the-rack dresses because they are made specifically for you. If you compare the fabric used to make the two, you will notice a difference in quality. This is because high street dresses are made using machines on assembly line, while a live person oversees the sewing of custom-made dresses.

This means that there is a matchless attention-to-detail involved. Moreover, when you are having a bespoke dress made, you get to select the fabric that you want. Even the low-end fabric that tailors use tends to be better than most fabrics used to make generic clothes.

Additionally, you can pick your own style and precise specifications. When you walk into a store, you have no choice but to buy the available styles. However, when you visit a tailor, you can choose the length of the hem, style, and neckline.

Better fit

For a tailor-made dress, getting something that fits just fine is unacceptable. When you buy a bespoke dress, you should get something that fits like a second skin. Not only will the dress flatter the contours of your body, but it will also accentuate your best features and mask the ones you want to conceal.

Unless you are very lucky, you will not be able to find a dress that fits perfectly at stores.

Just as a manufacturer may opt  for high-quality metal stamping materials and custom engineered stamping for product, you want quality in the fabrics and construction that you will only achieve if you buy a custom dress..


Although some people believe that bespoke dresses cost an arm and a leg, they do not. Even if you end up spending a little more than what you would on a ready made dress, you do not have to pay for alterations. Moreover, custom-made dresses usually last longer than their ready made counterparts do, meaning that you will save more in the end.

In some cases, tailors can replicate popular labels at a much lower cost.


wedding dress fancy pixy

When buying clothes from a store, you will be limited to a few styles. However, with bespoke dresses, the customization options are limitless.  For instance, if you are looking for a unique bridesmaid dress, some fashion experts such as Azazie makes customized bridesmaid dresses that fit all body types, all you have to do is to get your measurements taken and wait for a few weeks.

Having a bridal party with similar dresses is out of style; just get the color right and have something unique made.

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