What to Bring to Your Job Interview

Job Interview

There is often nothing as exciting as receiving a phone call and learning that you have been invited to a job interview. It means that, after looking at potentially hundreds of applicants for the position, you have been selected as one of the top few. You are only a few great interviews away from getting the job.

But there is still one step left – the job interview. Your role is to do whatever it takes to impress the hiring manager(s) and help them envision you in the role. In most cases, that means answering questions in the most professional and impressive way possible. Yet sometimes it is not what you say, but what you bring, that makes you stand out as a candidate.

Items You Can Consider Bringing to the Job Interview

Not every position requires you to bring something with you. But there are some careers where bringing specific items clearly makes sense. The following are some potential items that you should consider bringing if it makes sense for the position.

  • Copies of Your Resume

Unless instructed otherwise, bring enough copies of your resume that you can hand them to any interviewer that needs one. This shows excellent preparation, as hiring managers rarely come with your resume on hand. If they have a copy, you can review it together, instead of making them try to remember what was on your resume or forcing them to take time out of their day to print it themselves.

Job Interview

  • Portfolio – When Applicable

There are many careers these days where a portfolio is necessary for the position. Examples include graphic designer, content writer, architect, landscaper, and more. It is to your benefit to have your portfolio on hand to show the hiring managers your talents.  And if you know you’ll be interviewing with a panel, it wouldn’t hurt to have a copy for each of them.  This is especially true if you know that you have an excellent history of past works.

  • Pen and Paper

Taking notes during the interview can be helpful for you. It allows you to remember details about the position, jot down any questions that you may want to ask, write down names of people you meet, and more. It also shows the interviewer that you came prepared. Make sure you bring these items so that you can be better prepared for the interview process.

  • Proof of Ability

Finally, if there is any item that helps prove your talents in the role, you should consider bringing it. A software programmer may consider bringing a USB with their software. A data analyst may want to provide spreadsheets or infographics about what they’ve found. If there is some piece of information that proves that you are the best person for the role, it is at least worth considering.

Preparation Tells the Employer about You

You do not necessarily need to bring any item to the job interview unless it is requested. You should also not bring every piece of work you have ever completed. But there are certainly times when what you bring not only shows the employer your talent, but also helps them see how prepared you are as a person. It is that preparation, in addition to your skills and talents, that will show the employer you are someone worth considering for the role.