Why #NuCulture ProBiotics Should Be A Part of Your Diet Plan

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I have long been an advocate of healthy living and eating.  Of course, like everyone else I’ve had times that required a trip to the doctor to handle more serious issues.  A few times, the doctor prescribed antibiotics to ward off infections, and that was how I became familiar with probiotics.

When antibiotics are used to treat infections, they usually do their job quite well. They’re designed to attack the bad germs that are causing problems.  But our body is full of bacteria that are friendly and actually essential to good health.  So the result is that antibiotics do their job so well that good bacteria are killed off in addition to the bad ones. This is where probiotics come into the picture.

Probiotics re-introduce good bacteria in massive quantities, as in billions, to help replenish the roughly 1,000 different kinds of good bacteria that exist in our digestive tracts.  After a bout of antibiotics, that’s essential to proper digestion and nutrient absorption.  But probiotics actually do a lot more than that.   And like pretty much anything, there are differing qualities of probiotics.

There are four things in particular to consider when selecting a good probiotic.  These are:

The probiotic varieties (strains) that are included in the formulary

Be wary of bargain probiotic brands that include untested strains or only tout the quantity of bacteria.  More important is the the number of different strains of bacteria it includes.

How the product is prepared, packaged, and delivered

Bacterial are living organisms.  So if the product has sat on the shelf, unprotected from heat and light, it’s going to be full of dead bacteria, which do no good.  A quality delivery system will include a heavy glass bottle that limits light and quick delivery time from manufacture to consumer.

Manufacture dates

Again, probiotics are alive.  If the bottle doesn’t contain a date of manufacture, be wary.  How will you know how long it’s been on the shelf?  While these dates are not required by the FDA, they will be present on quality products.

Reputation and product support of the manufacturer

Many supplements, vitamins, and unregulated products have no manufacturer guaranty.  While this is not a guaranty as to effectiveness, which is prohibited by the FDA, it’s an indication of how much the company is willing to stand behind it’s product.

What Else Do Probiotics Do?

Now you know what to look for in a probiotic product and the most common reason they’re used.  But are there more positive reasons?  The answer is yes!  Here’s some of the possible benefits, summarized from Food Matters:

Urinary Health

Probiotics make a good compliment to antibiotics among people who suffer from urinary tract infections, according to the research.
Infections of the urinary tract are extremely common, especially in women. Most infections disappear with antibiotics, but about 30 to 40 percent might return, according to literature from the University of Maryland Medical Center.


Allergy research is still preliminary, but at least one large, high quality study found a relationship between women taking probiotics during pregnancy and a 30 percent reduction in the instance of childhood eczema (an early sign of allergies) in their infants.

Women’s Health

Probiotics may also have a special role in maternal health, as pregnant women are particularly susceptible to vaginal infections. And bacterial vaginosis has been indicated as a contributing factor to pre-term labor, making probiotics a potential boon for fetal health.


Up to fifty percent of our immune system is directly related to the good bacteria in the gut.  Keeping up the quantity and balance of those bacteria can support and contribute to a healthy immune system.


Some preliminary research shows that probiotics can help obese people who have received weight loss surgery to maintain weight loss. And in a study of post-partum women who were trying to lose abdomnial fat, the addition of lactobacillusand bifidobacterium capsules helped reduce waist circumference. It’s still unclear how probiotics play a role in weight loss — and there is some controversy about how significant the probiotics-associated weight loss is. But as long as the probiotics source is low-calorie and healthful, itself, it is an innocuous method to attempt.

My Preferred Choice For Probiotics


Having had the experience of selecting and using probiotics for quite a few years, I have a good feel for what to look for in a quality product.  I was recently offered the opportunity to try Alternascript  NuCulture, which meets all my above criteria.  I looked at the product literature, read their research background, and compared it to others I’d used before.  On all counts, NuCulture impressed me as one of the best out there.

NuCulture, along with all AlternaScript products, can only be purchased through a subscription through the AlternaScript website. They do also offer free trials of their products.

This post and giveaway were made possible by iConnect and AlternaScript. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.

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