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You might associate a brand a logo, a slogan or an image, but a brand can be anything. Your personal brand is your reputation and producing an image of yourself that makes you memorable and different from others. If you are able to create a lasting impression you will significantly improve your chances of landing a job role and make long-lasting connections within your industry.

Developing your brand is about understanding your true self, and once you are able to understand the factors that make up you, then you will be able to start sharing this with the world.


What makes your offering unique?

You first of all need to establish what makes you different from everyone else. You might want to start out by making a list of the key skills and accomplishments you have as well as your values. Your values define everything you do, and is critical in helping others to understand you.

What do you want to achieve? What drives you? Set clear goals as it will help you to determine the path you are going to follow as an understanding of this today will give you a greater sense of direction for the future.

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Communicating your brand

Once you have determined the skills and knowledge which make you unique you need to start showcasing your strengths. This communication can take place both online or offline, however making yourself visible online is becoming easier but this brings with it both positives and negatives.

Your presence online can significantly impact your personal brand. What can people say when they look you up online? 57% of employers run a candidate’s name through a search engine so it is important that what they can see shows you in the best possible light.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all platforms that allow you to be visible to the world and online first impressions are just as important as first impressions in person. These online communities are a great way for you to build your contacts and to increase your professional opportunities. When posting online be aware that employers might be able to see this information so always take this into consideration and ensure that you are purposeful in your communication with potential contacts.

You might want to start a blog or website to express your views and your work. They are your own personal space and are an excellent way to show off the skill set that you have. In order to build your personal brand through your blog you should be posting engaging content and sharing this content with industry experts to increase your reach.

Regularly Google your name to see what comes up to see how others are perceiving you. If you spot anything that needs changing then you will be able to quickly make any amendments.

When applying to jobs it is important that you tailor your CV to the role, let the employers know why you are the best person for the job and make your personal brand come across. Be confident in your abilities and the contribution you are able to make and regularly communicate your brand out to the world to make sure that you are heard.


Developing your personal brand

Don’t be afraid to get your name out there! Be proactive in your networking, attend industry events and connect with people in your sector. Prove your worth and show people the skills that you possess. If you notice any areas where your skills need developing then take that step to improve.

It is also important that your personal brand is constantly evolving and developing. Continue to be a student of your industry and stay up to date with the latest trends and insider knowledge as this will give you more credibility.

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Benefits of a powerful brand

In this day and age it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. The secret is in your personal brand. Building a strong brand can do wonders for your career, so start today! You never know where it can take you. You will increase the number of contacts you have, gain industry recognition and have greater job prospects. So start showing off your potential!


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