Why Business Cards Are Timeless

In this age of instant digitalised technology and information the humble business card still remains a popular means of introducing oneself or creating a favourable impression with prospective clients. In relation to business cards let’s explore and concentrate on three main areas, why are they so popular? How are they made? Why are they a timeless product?

First introduced in 17th century Europe and used by the elite of the time, they were employed to formally introduce people of importance in towns, cities or at functions where etiquette and good manners were seen as a sign of good breeding.

Those traditions have long gone but the business card still remains a popular and practical means of communication. Some prospective clients may not use technology to any extent, while others may use technology which is not compatible with yours. Perhaps most importantly, many find technology impersonal, with all one’s information stored digitally all the people met at the seminar just blur into each other. Business cards are real, they are tactile, you can explore them with your fingers and when you look at the details it displays it can create an impression about the person who handed it to you.

Business cards are made by first designing what the card should contain in regard to information, colour or logos. The design work is usually done by computer, following this the design is printed onto card and from there the card stock is cut into individual cards. The quality of the card used and the type of print required is variable and is an important aspect to consider when having business cards produced.

Business cards remain a vital instrument in making new connections even in today’s digital age, so in that sense, they continue to be a timeless product. They are fully transferable in any environment from extremely high tech to none at all. You never have to keep them charged so they won’t let you down at that vital moment. It adds a personal touch that is often missing from today’s world of digital meetings.

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