Latest Beach Must Have: CaliMojos

Vibrant, versatile, and full of character! This is a pair of flipfops that gets what a Career Girl is all about!

CaliMojos are the latest beach must have. Lightweight and ultra comfortable, these sandals feature vibrant designs inspired by nature (so you can be down to earth) and a touch of bling to make your feetsies shine in the sun (so you can still sparkle).
But aside from their cute, bright look, CaliMojos™ are not your ordinary flip-flops. Their brand promise and tagline is colors in motion. More than just a bright summery accessory,  the special part about the fashion forward Calimojos™ is that they are manufactured with color changing technology (by SolarActive® USA) and the straps change colors when in the UV rays of the sun.

What color + design combo #CaliMojos are you going to get?  Share with us @MSCareerGirl

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Kelly Christiansen

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