Calling Your “Boyfriend”

I have a really hard time with titles when in a relationship. Whenever introducing a guy I’m dating to someone, I never know what to say.  The term “boyfriend” grosses me out.

By definitions it means:

boy·friend   (boifrnd) n.
A favored male companion or sweetheart.

But to me, “boyfriend” just sounds like neediness, middle school, and an ominous end.

But I feel bad. I want that person I’m in a relationship with to know I’m connected. I want to be linked. But I just can’t say “boyfriend”. It comes out of my mouth like a cringing slow motion. BoiiiiiiiiiifffffffrrriEND.

To try to appease the guy I’m dating and my heart I’ve tried other titles too:

“Significant other” sounds like you’re just trying to avoid another word (which I am).
“Partner” makes me feel like John Wayne.
“Lover” reminds me of the hot tub SNL sketch.
“Manfriend” sound like you are just trying to hard.
“Beau” is just silly and frustrating since I hate the spelling.

I guess if I had to choose I would go for “mainsqueeze”, “honey shnookums” or “snuggle buddy”, but I don’t think those are very appropriate for an introduction.

So I’m kind of stuck. I guess I’ll just skip the title and stick with his name while introducing and let others make the connection in their minds.

Unless you all have any better ideas! Anyone have any good names for your “boyfriends” or is there anyone else that feels the same way I do? I’d love to hear your opinions!

Let’s talk.

Happy Thursday y’all!

Lauren Schaefer

Lauren Schaefer is a nonprofit event planner, comedy improviser, avid blogger and New York City single lady. She documents her own new journey as a young professional in New York at her blog From the Fifth Floor.

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