Can You Tell The Difference Between Fake and Genuine Fashion Products? 

Do you think you could spot a fake? Are you observant enough to spot the difference between fake and genuine fashion? Walking down the streets of major cities in Asia, or even in New York City, you’ll often come across street vendors selling what at first glance appears to be quality, name brand merchandise for incredibly low prices, like a Rolex for $75. Of course, any reasonably savvy person knows you’re not going to buy a five thousand dollar watch for only $75. And just a cursory examination will disclose that it’s not only a cheap imitation, but of such low quality that it likely will be failing before your next vacation.

There are, however, imitations of luxury handbags, wallets, watches, and more that actually are of good quality. And it takes a well trained eye to tell the difference. Because even if it’s superior quality, you don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars more than it’s really worth when you’re not getting a genuine article. Here’s some hints on how you can tell when it’s fake, and when it’s real.

The Packaging

Most people find their eyes glued to the product being offered, examining the feel, the look, the overall quality. But there are clues to whether it’s genuine or fake in the packaging, too. So let’s start there.

You’ve probably notice that manufactures of high quality goods, from Apple cell phones to Jewelry from Tiffany’s, take great care in designing attractive, even elegant, packaging. That’s partly to support their image: ”We’re all about quality.” You can feel, see, and even smell the quality. But it’s also to protect the item to be absolutely sure it arrives in your hands in perfect condition. And, to provide a safe place to store the item should you wish to not use it for a time.

On the other hand, cheap, flimsy, packages and protective padding will look like an afterthought. And don’t fall for the excuse that they save money on packaging and pass the savings on to you!

The Labels

Labels and logos, on both the package and the product, require a little closer inspection. Here’s what to watch for. And remember, this may take a bit of sleuthing. But a few minutes of verification could save you hundreds or even thousands.


Check all the logos against a known source of the original, if possible using the manufactures website. Looks for missing details, slight variations, and colors. High-end manufactures are extremely protective of their logos. They’re always perfectly reproduced.

Serial and model numbers

If the item has a serial number, or even a production code or model number, verify it against the manufactures published list. Again, the internet makes this easy, so learn how to find the information.

Bar and QR codes

Virtually all packaging, and sometimes the product itself, has a barcode or QR code. Scan it, and check it to verify that the printed code matches exactly the product that it’s supposed to.

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What About High Quality Fakes or Imitations?

The cheap fakes are fairly easy to spot with just a little due diligence. But what of the high quality ”imitations,” such as this Louis Vuitton Replica handbag? First off, you’ll notice right up front they’re not claiming to be an original. They’ve clearly identified themselves as imitating the original. Most often, they’ve gone to great length to incorporate all the elements of style, design, and presentation that unless you’re very thorough you’ll find it difficult to tell the difference from the original source of ”inspiration.”

Obviously, these are NOT the original, but they carry price tags hundreds or even thousands of dollars less than the genuine articles. And your friends will never know it’s not genuine. Caveat: There are various copyright and trademark laws, both international and by country, that may make the manufacture, sale, import, or even purchase of these items illegal. Check with your local laws if you wish to indulge in these luxurious items at prices far less than the genuine articles.

Bottom Line

Maybe the super cheap fakes are just what you need, perhaps for that dress-up costume party or a prop for a play. But whether it’s the cheap fake, or a high quality imitation, it’s best to know exactly what you’re buying so there’s no surprises down the road!