Which car hire is the best for your adventure?

Determine the best car hire by comparing services and rates. Photo Credit: CCAPix, MF Photos

Most of us need a car hire service from time to time and need to know which  car hire is the best. Living in the city can make the costs of owning a car unthinkable. But let’s face it: getting away from it all, at least for the weekend, is often necessary after a full throttle work week. Use both common sense and creative approaches to finding the best car hire for you.

To determine which car hire service is best, first consider the time frame, destination, and budget. With so many lovely, historic, and thrilling sights to see in the UK–from ancient Roman bridges and roads, medieval cathedrals, moorlands of Cornwall, Yorkshire, and Devon, the Lake District, and the Scottish Islands to Highlands–use holidays and a favourite car hire to visit all!

Time Frame

Hiring a car for a weekend is usually less expensive than hiring a car for a week or longer, but not always. When possible, plan a car hire at least a month ahead. Enquire about the car hire service’s best offers. Hint: the economy class car is usually the best deal. Then, ring up the other car hire services to compare rates. Reserve with the most affordable car hire service. Frommers London 2013 recommends CarRentals.co.uk as the place to start.


If planning a road trip to a frequent tourist destination, e.g. Dover, check out package deals. A cost of car hire may be included with the hotel package. Consider preferences, however. The package may include train travel, with pick up and drop off of the car hire at destination.


  • Let the car hire service know of any particular items needed when making the reservation. For example, when a child car seat is required, advice the car hire agent in advance.
  • Evaluate add-on services, e.g. petrol refills, in advance of purchase. Not all common sense-type offers make good financial sense.