How to Choose a Personal Jeweller

If you’ve got a point in your relationship where you’re going to start shopping for diamond engagement rings in Brisbane, have you considered recruiting a personal jeweller?

If you’re not quite sure what you want, or on the other hand want something very specific, a personal jewellery will avail their inventory to you 24 hours a day as well as furnish you with their latest catalogues of all the manufacturers and designers that represent. You’ll also have access to your personal jeweller’s online store.

Why Use a Personal Jeweller?

Finding the perfect sparkly amongst the amazing choice of diamond engagement rings in Brisbane can be daunting. And buying jewellery should be a stress-free and fun experience. Some personal jewellers will offer a range of online tools to make your experience that much more positive. They will offer a personal and secure client page online too where you can store the images of the products you like the look of.

How to Choose a Personal Jeweller

It’s usually when you’re looking to have a one-off engagement ring created that you might seek the services of a personal jeweller. And with more and more people opting for something unique instead of the average brand name, the personalised jewellery niche is growing rapidly to answer this increasing demand. While there will always be a market for the likes of Tiffany and Cartier, the high price tags their jewellery carries as well as how easy the brands are to find don’t appeal to everyone.

So the idea of a personal diamond jeweller to help you sift through unique diamond engagement rings are ideal for someone looking for something a little different.  Personal jewellery will seek out unique, creative jewellery designs on your behalf and even arrange for it to be created by an artisan goldsmith so that you have a highly unique piece. Personal jewellery tend not to stock brand names and prefer to sell pieces that come with a story and that will be unique to your beloved.

Today’s Market

These days the luxury jewellery market is somewhat different. It’s a lot smarter and more interesting. So it’s a perfect time to consider commissioning a bespoke engagement ring for your bride to be. Even a unique bracelet or necklace could be chosen with a personal jeweller. Your personal jeweller will combine the sourcing of a top quality item with outstanding personal service that will save you time and hope you stick to your budget.

Which Jeweller To Choose?

When choosing a personal jeweller, choose someone who has been working for in the industry for some time. They will, no doubt, have commissioned various bespoke pieces and will be able to source fantastic prices, offering you amazing savings.

It’s essential that you be meticulous when choosing your personal jeweller. You’re going to be paying them a large sum of your hard earned cash so you want them to be able to create something just the way you imagined it, if not better.

The jeweller you choose should have the expertise of a diamond trader along with the detailed knowledge of an artisan goldsmith and artistic capabilities of a jewellery designer. It also helps if they express the same amount of passion for the project as you do.

Tried and Tested

Find out about tried and tested personal jewellery via word of mouth and online reviews. You want to choose a jeweller or company that will put your experience and requirements at the top of their priorities and will understand that the purchase of diamond engagement rings in Brisbane is a very important milestone in your life.

4 Reasons to Choose a Personal Jeweller

Choose a personal jeweller for your engagement ring to:

  • Create a unique, one of a kind piece of jewellery
  • Let you be involved in the design process
  • Get involved in working with a passionate industry expert
  • Purchase a ring of a higher quality, at a better price, than those available at your average jewellery store.


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