Methods For Commuting To Work – Driving Isn’t The Only Option!

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Of all the travels you make, your daily commute to work is probably the most important. No employer likes their workers to show up late. Since it’s a trip you’ll be making all the time, you’ll want to ensure you have a reliable method of getting there. Of course, cars are the most popular option. But don’t forget, there are many other ways you can handle your commute.

There are quite a few options for transportation to work. You can choose between public and private transport. You can also focus on speed, reliability or even getting fit. You may even want to try a few different ways to see what suits you best. Here are some of the different methods for getting to work, along with their pros and cons.



Most people who own a car will want to make use of it, so commuting daily in your vehicle is natural. It has the benefit of being reliable, fast, and easy. Your car will always be there for you, and you can make your trip on time each morning.

But according to, driving can also be the most stressful way to commute. Sitting in traffic jams can ramp up your stress before you even get to work. There’s also the worry of road accidents or car breakdowns. You’ll also have to consider fuel prices.

The biggest drawback is the costs. Car insurance and maintenance can cost a lot each year. Driving often can also lead to a lot of mileage and wear, which reduces your vehicle’s value. You can save yourself some money by cutting down on bad driving habits, like the one shown in the main image above!  And while driving to work might seen like the most efficient way to get there, there are options.



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Cycling is gaining popularity as an alternative method of commuting to work. It has the same benefits of driving as far as being always available. Naturally, it’s a little slower, and you may still have to deal with traffic. It has a few unique benefits, though.

Many people choose to cycle to work for the health and fitness benefits. There’s a lot of evidence regarding the advantages of cycling. In addition to helping you lose weight and build cardio, it can also reduce stress and increase productivity.

It’s a great option for anyone looking to give themselves a boost in the morning. If you want to go a little faster, you could use an electric bike for extra speed.



Ridesharing is a highly useful alternative for your work commute. Many people carpool with a friend to get to work. It can get you to work fast without you having to spend extra money on running costs.

There are also many rideshare services available nowadays. Sites like can help you find some of the best apps for calling for a lift. Most rideshare apps are relatively cheap, and some are even free!

Even if you don’t choose to rideshare daily, it’s useful on days where you can’t use your car. You can get a ride instantly using an app, or just call a friend.


Public Transport

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Many people use public transport to commute to work. It’s a particularly helpful option in areas where roads are too busy for commuting reliably, such as London and New York City.

Buses and trains are common options. A lot of cities also offer their own inter-city transportation services, such as metros and subway systems. The problem is, the reliability of your public transport can depend largely on where you are and what’s available.

It can also be stressful to be crammed in with so many people. You may also worry about getting to work on time when delays set in. On the bright side, you can often sit back and get work done while commuting on public transport. It’s a useful option as long as you have cheap and reliable services available.



Of course, you could always just walk to work! It may be the slowest method, but if you live close enough to your workplace, it’s a good option to consider. Walking to work can boost creativity, according to a Stanford study. It can also reduce stress, so you can be relaxed and productive when you get to work.

If you want to ramp it up a bit, you could even jog or run to work. This will get you there a little faster and also help improve your fitness. The drawback is you might get into the office a little sweaty. Deodorant and perfume can help you keep fresh.

It’s a useful option available to everyone, but not always the best when time is of the essence or the weather’s bad!


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