Startup Tips are for Women Too!

startup tips

Ladies, the number of women-owned business in the US has grown to over 9.1 million firms. These firms generate a whopping $1.4 trillion in sales and employ around 7.9 million people, according to the National Association of Women Business Owners. That’s not all, the NAWBO also reports that one in every five American firms bringing in million-dollar revenues is owned by women.

Furthermore, over 4 percent of women-owned companies are bringing in over one million dollars. If you are looking at your prospects as a woman entrepreneur, your options are virtually endless today. Of course, it must be understood that women face certain unique challenges when juggling business and family. Here are some tips that may help.

Align Your Business to Your Objectives

If you are trying to start a business while managing a home and a family, you are going to have your work cut out for you. Although there is increasing equality in home life responsibilities and roles, the majority of primary care givers are still women. This is why it is so important to align your business with your own personal objectives.

If your primary goal is to raise healthy and happy children, your business should not get in the way of that. If anything, it should facilitate that. You don’t have to work away from home or full time to run a successful business. With the advent of telecommuting and online businesses, there is barely anything you can’t do today.

Get Up to Date

Speaking of technological advances, no matter how old or young you are, get with the times. Capitalize on the resources that are at your fingertips. People have never had better access to education, information, and resources than they do now, no matter where they are. You can learn new skills and read Corporate Business Solutions reviews at home or while traveling, for instance. You can create and perform all your media marketing strategies from your computer. You can automate e-mails and track work. You can even crowdsource your projects entirely from your living room. You will never have to worry about missing anything important at home or at work.

Define Your Business Image

Any startup needs to go through a phase of development that requires a lot of thought and planning. Take the time to think about the kind of image you want your brand to give people. This will include your logo and name, your vision, your business goals, and even color schemes and designs. Plan out business processes and see how you can optimize them. Use consultants like Corporate Business Solutions to help you do all of this. You can use their expertise to improve your business as you go along too.

startup tips

Network, Network, Network

Get on networking sites that can help your business, like LinkedIn, not just social networking sites that can promote it. Make connections with others in your industry, and look for individuals that can benefit your business and benefit from it. It won’t hurt to find a business mentor. There are plenty of women entrepreneurs and business owner associations that can offer resources and support for your startup.

It will take time and effort before your startup shows measurable results. Nonetheless, the future of women in business is more promising now than it has ever been before in our history.


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