Tips for Beating the Odds as a Woman Entrepreneur

woman entrepreneur

Women all over the world are changing stereotypes and misconceptions about gender in the business realm. More and more organizations are recognizing women for their business acumen and skills as entrepreneurs, viewing them beyond the gender roles of way back when.

This is a great opportunity for women who are driven and creative to share their ideas with the world. Of course, it is still not an equal world, so it will not be an easy road to travel for several years to come. Nevertheless, women are beating the odds every day. If you are making your way into the business world, here are some pieces of advice that many other female entrepreneurs live by.

Don’t Think of Yourself as a Businesswoman

Part of getting rid of gender stereotypes is to rise above it. Even if you find yourself giving a presentation  to only male executives and you sense the prejudice in their words or body language, don’t acknowledge it. It should not factor into your mindset. If you view gender as a defining feature, it will define you.

woman entrepreneur

In business, your identity is first and foremost as an entrepreneur. You are a businessperson. Taking your own focus off your gender identity is just the first step to being viewed by others equally. Human psychology is such that we tend to unconsciously perpetuate stereotypes if we fixate on their existence.

Don’t Try to Do it Alone

You don’t need to prove a point by going it alone. Starting and running a business is not easy for anyone, regardless of gender. You have to work smart, not just hard. Hire freelancers where possible and outsource to experts in relevant fields when you can. Work with consultants like Global Resources LLC to strengthen and improve your business processes and operations. By scaling your business in these ways, you are reducing costs, increasing profits, and getting access to better quality resources.

Stay Motivated and Persevere

As it has been pointed out, this is not going to be easy, because stereotypes and expectations are persistent. That does not mean that they will prevail forever though. There will be putdowns and troubles, but as in any endeavor in life, one of the keys to success is perseverance. Stay the course, keep focused on your business goals, and trust your instincts. No businessperson has it easy to begin with, and gender stereotypes are really the least of your worries!

Put Yourself Out There

As those “man’s world” concepts have been drilled into people in subtle and unconscious ways for centuries, it can be intimidating to put yourself out there. Many women entrepreneurs have talked about their initial negative experiences with approaching investors and networking. This does not need to be the case for you. Don’t be afraid to stay true to yourself and your ideas. Be ready for ‘no’, but remember that there will also be plenty of ‘yeses’ – that’s just the nature of business.

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Keep Developing

Never stop striving for improvement. One of the biggest mistakes that any businessperson can make is to think that they’ve figured it all out. That is just not how the world works. Read Global Resources reviews, develop your business skills, keep up to date with new strategies and markets, and watch the trends. This is the best way to make sure that you and your company stay on the ball.

These are just five tips to keep in mind as you go about your entrepreneurship. As long as you persevere, think like a smart businessperson, and always strive to improve your business and yourself, you will go far.


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