Conscious Conversation – Your True Voice Can Change Your World

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These days, have you been wondering if you’ll ever be truly happy? Did you get a pay rise, promotion or gain something you really wanted, but still feel like there’s something missing? That you’re constantly looking for the greener grass on the other side of that elusive fence? If you have come across this article I am sure you have tried and probably still are in constant contemplation and deliberation around, ‘What’s wrong with me? What do I really want? Why can’t I just be happier, more decisive?

All of this is just leading you in the direction of feeling more and more tired, frustrated and confused! I know what that’s like. Perhaps we were better off as kids; well then what went wrong in the growing up years?

I started to change my life from the space of being present. I stopped blaming the world, my loved ones and told myself that I have created my life for what it is today.  Then, I was ready to be present with everything- good, bad, ugly and focus on changing what’s not working for me. Yes, we can always change, by making a different choice! I started feeling the liberation when I realized that all this is just the part of a journey and I do not have to make it bigger than me!

As I became comfortable in my own skin, my conversations with people started to change. When you are so present in your life, you engage with everyone around you from the space of pure joy, no judgments, no intentions of putting anybody down, no fights, no reactions… simply letting your heart out!

Here’s what I would like to offer you.  For a day just let all the conversations flow through you without any thinking behind it.  Like kids sharing about their day… and see what magic shows up for you and others with such conscious conversations.

I have another theory on why we’re all feeling so dissatisfied with our lives too. As a Consciousness Facilitator, I constantly see so many people feeling really stressed out about things that don’t even belong to them. This might sound weird to you, but trust me- we are sensitive to what’s happening in other people’s worlds.  And sometimes, we make that pain, sadness, and disillusionment our own.


It makes us feel lost because we feel like we’re working towards our vision for the world and yet the world isn’t getting better for us! It’s important to realize how much we take on from other people and that sometimes we need to not do that. You have a choice to drop it, but dropping others’ woes doesn’t mean you don’t care.  It means you are choosing to focus on yourself, to step up and generate new possibilities which will allow change for not just you but for others as well.

Practicing some of these tools will bring you ease that you have been looking for everywhere else. If a woman finds joy in being a home-maker, cooking for her kids, motivating them to study and is invested in taking care of every family member’s health then forcing her with the idea of an independent modern woman who must have a job and earn her own money is equal to taking away her true voice that she has in the world! Yes, it’s that simple.

It just comes down to living your life being who you truly are, and that’s your true voice in the world. That’s what solved it all for me. I asked myself if I really had to do something or be like someone else in order to make my living on this planet worthwhile, and I realized I didn’t. I realized I had so much to offer just by being me! It was a revelation.

Next time, you are in a space of discomfort, try asking yourself these questions. Don’t get fixated on the answers. Just put them out there in the world, make space and allow your inherent awareness and knowing to come to surface. It truly worked wonders for me, and for 500+ people I have worked with.

Here you go:

  • What is this? What do I know? What’s true for me in this?
  • What choices do I have that no one else has, that if I make will change this right away?
  • Am I willing to be wrong and still choose me?
  • If I had to turn this into a conscious conversation, what would I change/ choose then?
  • What possibilities are available here that can create a greater life, a greater world?

Know that more is possible!

This guest post was authored by Aradhana Tewari

Aradhana Tewari is a life and communication coach.  She is a facilitator for several Access Consciousness programs including Being You, and Right Voice for You.   Aradhana has worked in the corporate world for 10 years, including head of Operations with Pixion Post Production and Mahua TV Channel.

She has a graduate degree in Industrial Chemistry and has an MBA in International Business Marketing. Despite enjoying her time in these roles she was always looking for something more, a purpose that brought her joy.   She is a facilitator for Right Voice for You classes and does workshops all over the world.



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