More than Just a Numbers Job: Considering a Career in Accounting

A numbers related profession may be intimidating for many people, aspiring Career Girls should definitely look into pursuing a career in accounting if they want a field that will always be in demand. This job of numbers and checks and balances is one that will never lose its importance in every other industry.

Why Accounting?

Sure it isn’t as glamorous as a creative job. However if you are not opposed to buckle down and learn your formulas, you can make quite a long and thriving career for yourself, a much more desirable aspect to any profession than the perks it can bring. Accountants are highly respected and cannot be overlooked. Their integrity, passion for detail, meticulous organization, and mathematical approach in solving a problem at hand is highly regarded by everyone.

Whether you decide to work for a private firm or a public sector, there are many different positions you can find in the accounting field, thus making career growth very viable. Careers in accounting can range from entry level positions to executive level. Jobs in accounting are here to stay.

If Math is your friend, I say go for it.

Apart from pursuing a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field, you will need to be a Certified Public Accountant to make the most of your opportunities. A CPA License will hold you to a high standard, as it provides the guarantee that you are knowledgeable in the principles and best practices of the job. You will have to take a uniform exam set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Being a licensed CPA gives you better salary leverage as well.  If you are already working in an accounting environment but lack the requirements for a CPA exam, there are other accounting certifications available out there. It is best for you to look around and see which would be best suited to your circumstances.

Fresh meat? Don’t Worry.

Many jobs in accounting are available to look into. In public accounting you can either be a staff accountant or a junior auditor, or you can do merger and acquisition forecasts or budget review if you choose to work in the private sector. Many companies provide internship opportunities which you can already pursue at the end of your sophomore year. It is best to make a visit at your university career center to see what opportunities there are for you. Stocking up on experience will help you land your dream job later on so get those experience points up.

Here’s a simple and important interview tip.

If you are walking into your first interview, keep in mind to highlight your best technical skills and experience, all with a smile on your face. While Accountants hold themselves to high standard of professionalism, a can-do and likeable attitude is one that is always welcome. Keep in mind that the accounting profession works in a highly team-oriented structure. You must be able to work great both on your own and in the company of others. Don’t be a robot and don’t fear showing character and personality. Finding the right fit for you can make you find happiness in the long run.

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