How to Create the Life of Your Dreams in Three Simple Steps

We all have big dreams and aspirations. We want m-o-r-e…

More money, more success, more love, more freedom, more joy… just more of our dreams. The answers to these questions are going to be wildly different for every person, and that’s Ok.

And though the title might be somewhat misleading, as it is never simple and easy. You will have to work for making this dream a reality. And here are the three essential steps you need to take today to set the fundamentals in order.

Know Where You Are

You can’t take a drive until you know how much gas is in the car, and you can’t live the dream until you know how much work stands between the present you and the everything-is-awesome you. Why aren’t you living the dream now? What’s missing from your life that makes it not-quite-dreamy? Do you feel you aren’t spending enough time with family? Do you feel you’re not emotionally well-balanced enough? Where does your community fit into this? You have to define what’s not your dream in order to know what needs to change to achieve your dream. Or maybe you felt you could do better with your career, but have you actually stepped outside your comfort zone and done anything about it?

You Don’t Know Where You Want to Go

You want that perfect, idealized future, but what does that future actually consist of? Not achieving our goals or fulfilling our dreams is often because we don’t actually know what our dream is. You need to have a vision. What could be added to your life in order to create a happy, balanced lifestyle? What would be a part of your day to day, and what extras will you have that you don’t have now? Who will you see more of? What new activities will you incorporate into your daily routine? How will you look or act differently? Dive deep, be very specific!

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You are not Leveraging Your Connections 

An African proverb says “If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together”. Yes you are responsible  for making your dreams a reality, however you will never get too far if you attempt to do everything on your own.

If you’re introverted like me, or just extremely busy, it’s easy to isolate yourself and forget to reach out to others. This leaves all your efforts high and dry, because no matter how experienced you are, how can you get that ideal position if no one knows you, recommends you, or introduces you to a new opportunity? So once you are clear on what is it that you want, you need to reach out to others- that’s good both for accountability and for potential collaborations.


So buckle up… 2017 is the year to make your dreams come true!

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Rita Golstein-Galperin

Rita Golstein-Galperin is a Career Makeover Strategist™ and the founder of Reinvent Yourself Club. Having spent many years on a pursuit of “what do I want to do when I grow up?”, she decided she doesn’t want to grow up and doesn’t want to put her dreams on hold! Since then Rita has helped hundreds of women around the world redefine and reinvent their success - be it a business or a job.

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