It’s Time for Your Mid-Year SELF Review.

Yes, a self review. Not a review from your bosses at work. This is all about you, for you and by you. I’m hoping you took my advice at the end of 2008 and made a 2009 Vision Plan for yourself and set some concrete goals and reviewed them frequently throughout the year. Without writing your goals down, and keeping them top of mind, it’s pretty impossible to achieve them.

Today marks mid-year so it’s time to get that list out and track your progress.

If you did not create a plan for 2009 and feel you are struggling through a “quarterlife crisis” (like many other twentysomething professionals do), creating a vision plan and setting specific goals for yourself might help you get back on track. You may want to split your list up into categories. For example: financial, personal, career and health.

Most people have a vice they struggle with. For example: credit card debt, not saving enough, their weight, hating their job but being too afraid of the unknown to look for a new one, being in a bad relationship, wanting to go back to school, etc.

Find out what your vice is and create SPECIFIC goals around it to help you get to a new place. If you want to get rid of your debt, find out how much money you can pay each month in order to get it down to $X by year end. Don’t just say “to save more and spend less.” Not gonna happen sister.

Goals must be:

1. Written
2. Reviewed
3. Realistic
4. In line with your actions.

To help you get started on creating your goals/plan for the rest of the year, you may want to think about and jot down your answers to the following questions:

My ideal working environment is:

The relationships I want to surround myself with are:

I want to spend my days working on:

If I weren’t so afraid, I would:

My life will not be complete unless I:

If I only had six months to live, I would:

If I had all the money I ever needed, I would spend the rest of my life:

I want people to remember me by saying I was:

I feel alive and energetic after I have just:

The community/world issue that I feel most strongly about is:

My Ideal Vision is to:

For those who did set goals for 2009, how did you do so far?

Ms. Career Girl

Ms. Career Girl was started in 2008 to help ambitious young professional women figure out who they are, what they want and how to get it.

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