Creative Spaces Bring Creative Results

Creative work requires inspired spaces. Many factors can boost creativity, and inspiration can be found anywhere. I believe that if you are in the right state of mind to accomplish creative work, ideas will come to you easily. It’s just a matter of having the focus to recognize a good idea, and having the right process to follow through. If you are not able to find a balance between creativity and productivity, you can end up getting distracted from the work at hand.

I have been in creative jobs since I made the decision that law school wasn’t for me. I got so excited over the idea that I can work in a more casual space, one that is away from the library where I used to spend so much time buckling down to read case after case. Open cafes and my living room were my first workspace of choice, but I ended up people watching or switching on the TV instead of typing up a storm like I had intended to do. It ended up putting a damper on my creativity instead of improving it.

In a creative city like New York, they understand the importance of an artistic atmosphere in the entire creative process, from conceptualization to presentation. Since work in the creative world is all about making an impact, you have to make sure you utilize all your tools, including your environment, to do so.

The Made in NY Media Center by IFP has set the bar for creative spaces. Designed by MESH Architects, the media center serves as multi-disciplinary creative space with over 20,000 square feet at 30 John Street in Dumbo, Brooklyn. An incubator space for ideas, it has morphed itself into a dramatic area divided into short-term and long-term workspaces, a screening room, library, café, and other media rooms that can be used for classes, lectures, and conferences. It is a space that understands you and your team – cozy and inspiring, it helps individuals collaborate with other artistic individuals who are practicing different forms of digital media.

On top of offering dedicated desk space, the media center offers business development, mentorship, networking, and opportunities to build community with other entrepreneurs, technologists, storytellers, and visionaries. It is a venue for true inspiration, and one that builds its success in helping you find yours. Truly a win-win situation, don’t you think?

Already a year into its existence, the Media Center is celebrating its anniversary with a chance to meet with former AOL/Time Warner Chairman Jon Miller. You can apply by October 17th to get a chance to meet Jon Miller face to face. Jon Miller is a renowned expert in digital media, who has under his belt some illustrious gigs as the former Chairman CEO of AOL/Time Warner and Chief Digital Officer of News Corp.


Sure, inspiration is everywhere. However, if you can get the best of both inspiration and comfort in one place, you are sure to produce phenomenal results. Do you have a space that helps you boost your creativity and productivity? Share it with us in the comments below or tweet us @mscareergirl and @nymediacenter now!

This article has been brought to you by NY Media Ctr by IFP.

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