Digha: The Ideal Seaside Resort Town to Enliven Yourself

kolkata digha

If you love to go for beach holidays, then Digha is the perfect place. It is the most popular tourist spot of West Bengal, which is located in the south-west of Kolkata and is known for its flat hard beach that stretches for miles together. It is also recognized as one of the widest beaches in the world. Around this popular sea resort town, there are several places of interest that can be explored. There are many budget hotels for those who love to explore places but are on a tight budget.

Digha, often known as the ‘Brighton of the East’, is nearly 187 Km from Kolkata. This shallow sand beach, which has a low gradient, was discovered by the British in the late 18th century. It was then named as Beerkul and Warren Hastings referred to it as “Brighton of the East” in one of his letters to his wife in 1780 AD.

It is one of the safest beaches where the sea starts a mile later than the start of the beach and the scenic beauty of the place actually mesmerizes you. To add to the charm and lure to the place, casuarinas plantations are there all along the coast. These trees not only enhance the beauty of the place, but also contribute to reducing the erosion on the dunes.

You can book your stay in any good hotel and enjoy both the sunrise and the sunset at the pristine Digha sea beach. The beauty of the hues of colours that reflect off the salty waters of the Bay of Bengal is just beyond words. You can also enjoy swimming as the sea here is calm and shallow for around a mile making it very safe.

Though the old Digha was developed as a beach resort by Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy (West Bengal’s chief minister), after independence, the New Digha is the newer section of the town. Apart from the charming beach, it also boasts of the Science Center that is established by the National Council of Science Museums. There are many interesting concepts here that make it enjoyable like a skeleton accompanying you for bicycle racing or a fun glass measuring the individual height.

There are many other attractions like Asia’s largest Marine Aquarium, Amravati Lake to enjoy a boat ride and the famous old Siva Temple to name a few.