Tips to Personalize Your Garden Shed

garden shed

Whether you have a very basic shed that’s used for storage or a more elaborate feature that’s used by your family to hang out in, a well-built shed can make your yard feel more lived in and homely. But a shed doesn’t have to be dull and drab; you can easily spruce-up the appearance of this feature by personalizing it. The simplest of sheds can look great with some basic makeovers like adding:

  • Curtains- These will lend a very cozy and pleasant appearance to your garden shed. Use colors that complement the look of other features there and match the styling of your garden shed. Choose translucent and colorful fabric as that will lend the shed a very airy feel and frame the shed windows in a unique manner.
  • Wallpaper- Adding some attractive and vibrant wall paper to the shed is one way of creating an impact. Opt for something more neutral in terms of the shades etc. so it won’t clash with the curtains no matter which ones you use.
  • Vinyl tiles- Dress up your flooring with good vinyl tiles. Not only will these add to the aesthetics of the space, but will protect the wooden flooring from damage and moisture as well.
  • Organize- If you prefer to use the shed as a space for storing tools and gardening equipment, you can add some smart storage to the space. Install pegboards or racks to mount your tools on the walls. All the large metallic rakes, shovels, hoes and pitchforks can easily be kept off the floor by placing all of them these racks attached to a wall. This will free up a significant of space for you to store all the other garden equipment. If you prefer, you can also use the shed doors TO hang some lighter equipment.
  • Use crates creatively – Create storage higher up on the walls, so you have the floor space clear to keep other things. You can also customize your shelving in this space by stacking wooden crates. These are extremely strong and durable which make them ideal for storing heavy materials. You can add a few hooks inside the crates and use these to hang smaller items such as scissors or funnels.
  • Multi-utility- You can also use the shed as a multi-utility room and transform it into a game room for your teenage kids. Bring in a billiard table, some speakers and musical instruments etc. and that will turn it into a haven of entertainment for your kids. If you have younger children, you can turn it into cozy playroom and organize space for all their favorite toys there.
  • Paint the exterior- Most homes have wooden sheds with a classic wood finish but you can easily use your creativity and paint the exterior walls of the sheds in an interesting manner. If you like you can paint the shed doors and shed windows in bright colors, or create a collage-like effect on them. Paint murals or geometric shapes in different colors to give it the unique look you want.

Get creative

In addition, you can also change the overall design of the shed from the outside and create rustic-styled feature with customized elements. For instance, you can give your shed a new style by changing the door or the windows and finish them in colors or polishes of your choice. In short, there is no dearth of possibilities when it comes to designing and renovating your garden shed.

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