Emerald City Love! | How to Make it Work for You

Warning: this post has nothing to do with the Wizard of Oz, no-brained scarecrows, or Seattle; however, it is all about making the 2013 Pantone Color of the Year, Emerald City, work for you!  I know, another color already? It’s hard to believe that Tangerine Tango walked out the door with the Christmas Tree, but retail therapy will help you through your time of Tangerine grieve.


I must admit, I predicted that the 2013 Pantone color would be an electric blue or secretly wishing for a popped pink, but Emerald City green is actually a beautiful accent color. Here are some ways that you can add the cool color to your closet:


  1. Pair with Gold Accents. Please stay away from any “Trinidad James” gold, but any simple gold accent, like a gold skinny ring or bracelet, will make the cool color pop. It will not look gaudy, however, it will give you a regal look.
  2. Add Emerald Accessories. So you’re not too sold on the color trend or it is not worth the investment. This is completely understandable! Try buying emerald green accessories instead of garments. Adding green to your LBD (little black dress) is a sure way to make a statement.
  3. Go Monochromatic.  The monochromatic look is classic, but makes a powerful and chic statement. The Emerald City monochromatic look says “I’m regal, chic, and owning this color.” This look can be used for work or a social event without being considered over or under dressed.
  4. Try With Warm Colors. I am in love with a good contrasting look. My favorite Emerald City contrast is combining a cranberry blazer with emerald green pants and adding a neutral beige blouse. Can you say instant hauteness?
  5. Nail IT! Not sure how the color will look with your complexion or still not ready to invest in the trendy color? Well try an emerald manicure. Be careful in choosing a finish, because a matte finish will differ from a metallic finish.


How do you make Emerald City work for you? Do you have any other tips that you would like to share? Are you an Emerald City fan?