How To Find Love If You Are A Busy Successful Woman

I’ll tell you one thing – it’s difficult. Successful career requires devotion, and so does a successful relationship. I have not figured out a way to make the day at least 30 hours long or help you be at two places at the same time. But I can walk you through the inner work you need to be doing if you want true love.



It may sound like nothing new, but the fact is so many women are confused about what they want. There is a big disconnect between what they may feel inside – which is the need for happy relationship, and what they demonstrate to the outer world – which is that they are strong, independent and happy this way. Sounds about right? It’s normal to be confused and it doesn’t have to be one or the other, but in order to reach balance, you need to clarify what balance means to you. When I say clarify, I mean two things: clarify emotionally and clarify in practice. Emotionally, you need to decide what would be more important – your career or your man. And you should think about what the answer means and does it give you what you want. What type of men would be OK with being less important than your career? Would you be OK with them? What would you like to see in a man in order to put him first? I am not saying make a list, but have an idea (and of course many books have been written on this subject like [amazon template=product&asin=157731476X])

When it comes to practical clarity, you should literally know what you are willing to sacrifice in order to have a relationship. I am not saying sacrifice it for every fool walking on earth, but I am saying there will be someone who deserves it. So what would it be? Would you work less? Would you go out less? Would you spend less time with your friends? If you are not willing to move an inch in order to make room for a man in your life, how do you expect anyone to move an inch for you?


Accept it will happen.

A big part of bad relationship decisions comes from the fear that you will never find what you are looking for. You may think this fear is hidden deep within you, but it has a way of re-appearing when you least need it. The doubt that you will ever find true love lowers your confidence and directly affects your personal life. For example, if you start dating a great guy, you would probably react as a crazy person, because your fear tells you “Now or never!” So you would obsess over everything he does and says and end up being dumped. If you meet an alright guy, who deserves a chance, you would probably disregard him, because you are too busy looking for The One and your fear is telling you time is running out.

Thinking that it’s just not meant to happen to you is actually what causes you to continuously experience it just not happening. The only way to get out of this Paragraph 22 is to change your mindset – accept that love is not only possible, but certain. A great way to do that is to take the thought of a happy relationship and take it down its pedestal. It is not a magical thing that only appears in movies. It happened to me and it will happen to you. I actually remember that I was quite ready for a serious relationship right before I met my husband, but I was not going around all desperate. I was actually thinking “The next guy I will start going out with, I will marry, so I better enjoy these last moments of being single.” And it is true – you are not 18 anymore and don’t make rooky mistakes when it comes to choosing guys for relationships. So if it really gets serious, it will probably really get serious. This is what awaits you around the corner for sure. So stop hurrying towards it. Enjoy these last few steps as a single woman.


Grow your feminine energy

When I was a kid, my father once told me that a woman’s biggest strength is her weakness. I was 10 so I had no idea what he was talking about. It took me almost 20 years to realize how right he was.

As women fought for Women’s Rights, its cause eventually entered our homes. And we sort of won – women are now free to do whatever they want and make good money for it. But when you win you don’t know what you’re losing and in our case, we lost our ability to be feminine. We are so focused on being strong and independent, almost as if we have to prove we can be. Well, we proved it. Now what?

There is nothing wrong with being a successful woman, who stands her ground, but we also don’t know it all. And our strength is the ability to live with this and admit it. This is what men simply cannot do. Men hate asking for advice and admitting ignorance. So if a woman does it and they get to save her – this is their dream come true! Is this so difficult – to give men this little feminine quality that they may mock sometimes, but seek out all their lives? So next time he can help, ask him to – sometimes even if you don’t need it.

I am not saying I can guarantee you will find love. But do those internal shifts for good and come tell me what happens at


Maya Sayvanova

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