Kick Starting a Blossoming Career in Accounting


When it comes to making it big in accounting, executing responsibilities and slowly climbing the career ladder will get you exactly where you wish to eventually reach.

However, it is important to start your career in the right organisation. Snagging the right opportunity and excelling at interviews is crucial. After which, graduates have a choice to make.

No matter what their accountancy degree is, they have the option of working for the private sector or the public one. Young college pass-outs at the brink of making this life changing decision, should take a look at some of these points that help them make it big in both circuits.

Getting the Right Opportunity

Getting the right opportunities is all about having the right qualifications. People who chase a career in accountancy classically go for additional qualifications that get them better roles in financial institutions. Recent pass-outs who have earned their CPA or are Certified Management Accountants can look at starting as an assistant controller.  For those who haven’t got a CPA license yet and have a thirst for knowledge, it might be a good time to choose a CPA exam preparation course and start working towards it. BeatTheCPA has prepared an overview of the best CPA exam courses where you can decide which one is best for you.

How to Ace Interviews

Credentials can let candidates get interview opportunities, but it is crucial to ace them to get that important first job. It is a great way to start a rewarding career in accounting, especially for people who seek high-paying jobs. Dress smartly and maintain a professional approach when you interact with your recruiter.

Make sure you are updated with the latest morning news and have a great understanding of the current political scenario and international affairs. This is so that you can answer any questions asked pertaining to financial statements or debt equity ratios.

Career Progression in Private Sector

Recent graduates starting off in accounting usually start by joining the controller’s department. This is where they will be aiding in the preparation of countless monthly reports before further responsibilities are assigned. Opportunities to work in the budget department relaying forecasts are plenty for juniors fresh out of college. Next will be internal audits within the company that can lead to travelling to job sites, in future as well, when they audit companies in different states or countries.

Handling mergers and acquisitions is also an option for companies that are actively pursuing growth opportunities. Experience will let you move on to operating as a controller and gradually even the chief financial officer’s post.

Career Progression in the Non-Profit Circuit

Recruiters at a state level employ junior or senior accountants and auditors who can access and analyse financial reports of various organisations. Auditors work for special agencies and programs that search and eliminate tax fraud or wastage of resources. Graduates can progress and become senior tax examiners who evaluate an organisation’s reports and decide how it owes, so they can collect the funds.

Juniors in the field can go on to become purchasing agents who buy supplies or even management analysts who deal with efficacy issues. The latter are a team of professionals who mainly suggest solutions to various operational and management problems through extensive research.

Hard work with diplomacy will allow aspiring individuals to proceed to become accomplished professionals at coveted positions in the field of accounting.

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