Five Fresh Books to Add to Your Summer Reading List!

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We are looking forward to the summer sun and all the new book releases headed our way! Whether you’re laying out in your backyard, or beach side on your tropical vacation, these new women’s fiction novels won’t disappoint! Make sure you check them out while you are packing up your summer bag… and don’t forget your sunscreen!

The Belonger

– June 13, Mary Kathleen Mehuron (SparkPress)

Caribbean-island innkeeper Holly Walker is hunkering down against a monster hurricane. Unfortunately, so is player Lord Anthony Bascombe, a man who excuses his bad behavior by saying he is descended from pirates. Then her grown son, Byron, and his father, Montez—the man she’s never stopped wanting—go missing. Will she ever see them again? What about the many others hurt and dying? And will help ever arrive? With each passing day, Holly’s tumultuous past and the epic storm send her hurtling toward a shattering climax that will change the island—and Holly’s life—forever.

Walking on Fire

– June 13, Kathryn Crawley (She Writes Press)

Reeling from a failed marriage, twenty-five-year-old Kate moves from her home state of Texas to Thessaloniki, Greece after accepting a position as a speech therapist. It is 1974, and the recent end of Greece’s seven-year dictatorship has ignited a fiery anti-American sentiment within the country. Despite this, Kate finds a home in the ancient and historied city and finds love with Thanasis: a handsome Communist. Through Thanasis, Kate meets people determined to turn a spotlight on their former dictators’ heinous crimes. Kate is transformed by her odyssey, but when her very safety is threatened by the politics of her lover, she must choose: risk everything to stay with Thanasis and the Greece that has captured her heart, or remove herself from harm’s way by returning to her homeland?

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The Summer of Songbirds

– July 11, Kristy Woodson Harvey (Simon & Schuster – Gallery Books)

Nearly thirty years ago, in the wake of a personal tragedy, June Moore bought Camp Holly Springs and turned it into a thriving summer haven for girls. But now, in danger of losing the place she has sacrificed everything for, June begins to see the ways in which she has used Camp Holly Springs to avoid facing the difficulties in her life. During one fateful summer at camp, June’s niece, Daphne, met her two best friends, Lanier and Mary. Decades later, the girls are all facing their own problems, but when the women learn their childhood oasis is in danger of closing, they band together to save it, sending them on a journey that promises to open the next chapters in their lives.

The Beauty of Rain

– July 18, Jamie Beck (Montlake)

Winning the lottery changed Amy Walsh’s life, but the cost was greater than she could bear. Worried, her older sister, Kristin DeMarco, invites Amy to live with her family while she heals. The arrangement leads to trouble for Kristin when her divided focus begins to affect her career, her daughter begins to prefer Amy to her, and Amy’s unsolicited opinions brew tension between Kristin and her husband. Meanwhile, Amy is making drastic plans of her own, which includes giving away all her money. As the sisters help each other reimagine their futures, life’s unpredictability sends them to surprising places that test their love and resilience. Will they learn to live in the now, before it’s too late?

One Friday in Napa

– August 29, Jennifer Hamm (She Writes Press)

Vene feels like she and her mother have always been at odds. When news of her mother’s imminent death comes, Vene returns to her family’s home in Napa to see if their strained relationship can be mended, only to find Olivia as harsh as ever and their reconciliation seemingly unreachable. But when Vene stumbles upon Olivia’s old cookbook, she discovers a passion within her mother she didn’t know existed. The clipped tone and quick judgments of her dying mother don’t match the young woman whose voice she finds between the pages—one that tells a story of romance, longing, duty, and aching heartbreak. Curiosity consumes Vene, and she embarks on an intimate journey to learn about the Olivia she never got to meet—before it’s too late.

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