Five Great Tech Habits All Career Girls Must Have

As technology is a big part of our daily lives, we need to make sure that we have technology all under control, and not the other way around. Here are some great tech habits to adopt right now to boost your productivity.


Know Your Third Party Apps

We now register and download so many apps to boost productivity that it tends to slow u down. Start really understanding the apps that you use on your devices and be more mindful of  granting permission to third-party apps, tools and extensions. If you are not sure of why you have them or if you haven’t used an app or software for a while, uninstall them or revoke access. Also, if you don’t understand what the app is for or how it popped up on your screen, never grant access.


Be Operation System Savvy

Everything is moving so fast in the technological front that sometimes it is hard to keep up. One of the things that change so fast are operations systems. They upgrade so much that some people can’t help but feel they are left behind. A system rollback freeware like EaseUS System GoBack help solve this tech  anxiety from a Windows 10 upgrade. It proves to be very useful when you want to revert back to Windows 7 from Windows 10 OS when feeling uncomfortable. It also helps you back up files, which is an important factor in upgrading systems. According to a recent study, only 43% of computer owners back up less than once a year, and only 10% back up on a daily basis. This is a reason why data loss emergencies happen. Don’t be part of the statistic!



Create Smart Passwords

The constant issue when it comes to passwords is that the more secure they get the hard they are to remember. There is so much risk to having bad passwords, and it can seriously put your in jeopardy to not be more cautious about the passwords you use. When a password is easily hackable crimes such as identity theft can easily be accomplished as well. Don’t be a victim. A good tip is to use phrases instead of words, and then change the vowels into numbers or symbols. For example use if you are using the phrase “Ms Career Girl My Fave” you can phrase it as “MsCar33rGirlMyFav3”


Organize Your Inbox

Having an organized inbox can do wonders for your personal and professional life. Delete unnecessary emails, organize them into folders and tags, and archive ones that you have responded to. Having a system for your inbox can help you keep track of you interaction with both your work and personal network. Never miss an important email again. You can read up on Gmail tips and tricks to set up folders, filters and shortcuts that will save you time in the year to come.


Sort out your media

With us taking so many pictures and downloading different forms of media, we tend to end up with useless pictures taking up so much of valuable storage space. Making an effort to organize your media on a regular basis helps you free up useable space on your devices and helps you easily sort through and secure memories for coming years.




Ms. Career Girl

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