Five Makeup Essentials to Get the Perfect Look for your Carnival Party

makeup essentials

Carnival parties are always exciting, fun, and just the right amount of wild! With disguises, masks, and a lot of colors, carnival parties are a favorite of many. But do you know the highlight of a carnival party getup? Your makeup! And guess what? More is less, and you can go absolutely crazy with it. 

While makeup essentials like a moisturizer, primer, and foundation are a must, there are a lot of amazing makeup items you can use to nail that crazy yet cool carnival party look. Here are a few things that you must have for this year’s carnival party. 


Do you know the difference between average makeup and fabulous makeup? Well, it’s the blush! Available in a variety of colors, you may look for one that suits your skin tone. You can get the blush in various forms like gel, powder, and cream, but for carnival party makeup, powder blush is the way forward. Here is a secret tip! For that added oomph, apply blush on both your cheeks and move diagonally towards your hairline. This will emphasize the natural contours of your face.


If you are planning to have a smokey and subtle look, then you must choose nude lipstick. You can also give your lips a layer of sparkle gloss or sparkle highlighter, adding to the perfect carnival vibe. On the other hand, if you want bright makeup, a Christmas red or cherry red lipstick is a foolproof choice.


Much like mascara, a good eyeliner could lend stunning details to your gorgeous eyes. It is not the time to play safe; after all, it’s carnival time! Ditch the same old boring black eyeliner and try a brown or gray colored eyeliner to give your eyes a smokey look. You may also choose whacky metallic eyeliners in the shade of purple, yellow, orange, peacock blue, and others! 

Here’s a party tip- If you are contemplating using a liquid eyeliner, make sure to line your eyes with the help of a pencil liner of the same color and then apply the liquid eyeliner!

Eyelash Extensions

It is time for the highlight of your carnival appearance. Yes, it is now the time for eyelash extensions. There is no doubt that if you want some spectacular pictures, you ought to get a pair (or rather several pairs) of eyelash extensions like these on They add the much-needed depth to your eyes for those Insta-worthy clicks. A word of caution! Be prepared for some gazes from the onlookers!

Sparkle Highlighter 

Last but not least, you can not commit the sin of leaving for the party without the highlighters. Experts recommend using a power or stick highlighter if you are still new to using highlighters. These highlighters can be used on your cheeks and also as an eyeshadow. To find the best color for your skin tone, you must manually try a few options before deciding.

After you are ready, seal all that amazingness with a setting spray. So, there you are! With these five carnival party essentials in your makeup bag, you just can not go wrong. Have a blast, and do not forget to post pictures!