Five Staycation Ideas for You and Your Friends

So you have a weekend free and for the first time, so do your friends. This calls for a celebration! One of the hardest things that girlfriends encounter in their professional lives is finding the free time to all be together for some quality bonding time. With everyone  having different jobs and schedules, getting everyone to get together doesn’t come too often.

I suggest that you plan something special and set a girl’s night. Here are some ideas that can really make your night a blast!


5. Fashion Exchange – Have all your girls bring their old clothes and accessories for a fashion exchange party. Put them all on one table, have everyone pick one that they didn’t bring out of the pile. Barter your way to new wardrobe finds. Anyone fighting over an item? Settle it with a good old truth or dare, and keep going until one gives the item up to be saved from the grilling!

Any more ideas for a fun evening in with the girls? Share it with us below or tweet us!



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