Five Things To Include In Your Bathroom Renovation

remodeling a bathroom

Do you live in an older house built before the 1980s? Although the bathrooms were perfectly functional and aesthetic when they were built, they’re outdated. We’re in the 21st century and what was trendy when your home was built is ugly today. Is the shower valve outdated and no longer on the market? Is the vanity too low? Is your lighting outdated?

Whatever reason you want to remodel your bathroom, renovation can make it more fun and enjoyable while elevating the value of your property. Creating a wonderful retreat out of your existing bathroom is all about being wise and adding only what matters. Minimalist bathrooms are trendy today.

Here are the 5 things to include in your bathroom renovation for enhanced storage, functionality and comfort:


Bathroom renovation, just like any other kind of project, can cost a lot of money. Therefore, there’s a need to come up with a working budget to guide purchases and the project at large. Luxurious fixtures and custom tiling can be costly. Plan for what you can afford and include labor costs in your budget.

Tub or Shower

Do you need a tub or shower in your bathroom? Can your bathroom accommodate both? Determine whether you need a shower, tub or both in your bathroom. Although tubs increase the value of homes, only fix one in your bathroom if you love taking baths. Otherwise, it would be a waste of space and money, getting a tub in your bathroom.


Include storage in your bathroom renovation plan to keep it clutter-free, especially if you have kids or live with other people in your home. Apart from adding a modern vanity, consider a recessed medicine cabinet to add more storage space in your bathroom. Install it above your vanity for easy access.

Recessed storage gives a sleek modern look in your bathing space. What’s more, you save yourself from banging your head on the cabinet when using your bathroom sink.

Better Lighting

Bathrooms need proper lighting because they often get less natural light. Add more lighting or change your existing lights to enhance your bathroom’s ambiance and functionality. A dim main light is perfect for prolonged baths if you’re adding a tub in your bathroom.

Install recessed fixtures near your mirror for proper lighting while shaving or applying makeup. Add lighting in the shower for more fun and better sight while showering. Pick out the best vanity mirrors  you can find to help reflect light in your bathroom and make the room feel larger.  Also consider installing skylights if your budget can allow for that.


Bathrooms require proper ventilation. Humidity trapped in your bathroom can cause bad odor. Although bathroom fans can help keep your bathing space fresh, the effect of natural ventilation is unmatched. Include a window in your bathroom renovation plan to keep it mildew- and mold-free and clean.

Leave your bathroom door open after using it to help ventilate your bathing space naturally. Talk to your contractor or architect to help you choose a good window design. Make sure it has translucent glass such as frosted glass for privacy and a sill that slopes downwards for free water flow.

Bathroom renovation can increase the functionality and efficiency of your bathing space, in addition to making it more stylish and attractive. These factors are critical when planning to renovate your bathroom, hence the need to consider them before embarking on the actual project.