Four Illustrated Wedding Invitation Ideas

wedding invitation

In the past, wedding invites were pretty standard, white paper with black calligraphy, but over the year’s new trends and innovative design ideas have made way for endless invitation creations. These days, couples and more specifically brides tend to carry a singular theme or color scheme throughout all of their wedding festivities, but there are so many ideas and choices that switching things up with each invitation is always an option.

With wedding season coming to a close, we’ve seen new trends, old traditions, and everything in between. So, we’ve curated a list of five illustrated wedding invitation ideas to inspire the new wave of couples who will soon embark on their wedding planning journey.

Botanicals and Leaves

Floral or leafy wedding invitations are a very popular version of an illustrated wedding invitation. They make for some of the most stunning designs and are a classic bridal look.


Monogrammed wedding invitations are super cute and a fun design that couples can incorporate into their wedding invitations and décor. Monogrammed illustrations can be initials standing on their own or enclosed in a watercolor mark, colored circle designs or even highlighted with your wedding color.

Lines and Swirls

From swashes and swirls to art deco, artistic illustrations can take a standard invitation design from plain to stand out. A saturated amount of thin straight lines with harsh angles make a modern design while curvy swirls are more of a romantic look.

Featured Themes

If you’re planning a themed wedding, invitations are a great way to feature that theme through design. Whatever theme you have in mind, search for wedding invitations with an illustration that represents that theme. Maybe you’re having a rustic farm wedding, choose a design with a cute barn illustration. Maybe you’re having a Parisian wedding; the Eiffel Tower is a festive illustration that would suit your theme perfectly. Featuring your theme is an easy way to create fun and less traditional invitations.

These are only a handful of ideas to inspire your illustrated wedding invitations and Basic Invite has over 1000 more.




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