Paper vs. Pixels: Which Wedding Invitation Is Best?

wedding invitation

If you are engaged, you need to understand all of your options when it comes to your future wedding invites. There are many different styles of wedding invitations. Each bride and groom need to find the option that works best for them. In this article, we will specifically be discussing the pros and cons of choosing a paper vs online wedding invitation. 

Paper Invitations

Paper invitations are a very traditional method of sending invitations. This is generally seen as ‘proper etiquette’ by adults 40 and older. This method has been around for years and will probably always be the top way to send invitations to guests for years to come. Giving guests physical paper invitations allows them to hang their invitation on their refrigerator to remind them of your event and it just seems to feel “more official”. 

The negative side of sending paper invitations is that they generally cost a lot of money.  Not only to design and print but also to send. Stamps can cost upwards of .50 cents each depending on the weight of the invitation. So if you invite 200 guests to a wedding, you could be spending approximately $100 in stamps alone. This is a hefty bill for budget conscientious brides and grooms. The average price for wedding invitations on top of that is $241. So, if you are willing to spend around $400 for wedding invitations alone, then paper invitations may be a perfect option for you. 

Laura Damiano Designs shares that personalized invitations can also help to set the tone for the overall vibe and theme of the wedding, allowing guests to have a better idea of what to expect on the wedding day. They are a great keepsake and are often used in pictures. While most newlyweds will appreciate the keepsake memories of a paper invitation, it is likely that guests will soon throw away the item. This is why it is more important to create an invitation that you love.  Not just trying to impress guests. 

Online Invitations 

If you are a non-traditional bride, sending online invitations might be a great option for you. Online invitations allow for flexibility and control when it comes to inviting people to your wedding. With online invitations, you do not have to pay for the extra costs of shipping and printing. This could potentially save you hundreds of dollars. So if you are a very budget-conscious couple, this may be a great option for you. 

Unfortunately, online invitations do not make great keepsakes and they do not allow guests to put the invitations on their refrigerators (unless they print them out themselves). This is also a very non-traditional way to send invitations. With some older generations not understanding how to use or having easy access to computers, this can make things hard for them. However, it is easy to help guests understand exactly who is invited and can limit the plus one option if necessary. 

There are great pros and huge cons to both paper and online invitations. However, each couple must find what works best for them. 

A Mixture of Both

Many couples do a mixture of online and paper invitations. Some couples send every person a paper invitation and also provide an online wedding website so that people can RSVP easier. This eliminates the cost of stamps for guests returning RSVPs and allows for instantaneous results. If someone forgets to RSVP and the deadline is approaching, they can easily send in their response. Other brides will print paper invitations for those who are unable to use online resources and then provide online invitations to others. This eliminates most of the cost of invitations but still keeps older individuals in mind when planning the wedding. 

Unlike the bulk of the rest of your wedding details, this is where the needs of your guests outweigh what you want for yourself. Hopefully, these pros and cons can help you figure out which option (or both) is best!

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