Get Inspired By the Most Brilliant Minds in Business

When having a hard time to move forward with your business, sometimes all you need is to take some inspiration from those who have established themselves already.

Back in the day, people relied purely on drive and hardwork to  launch their business off the ground and into soaring heights. As the years came and went, technology provided more ease and opportunity for the entrepreneurial individual. These days, doors have opened, but the number of competition has also undoubtedly increased – making it easy to get disheartened and intimidated.

Look at the bright side. So many others have been in the very same place once in their lives, but they forged on and now have so much to show for it. A brilliant mind continues to just be that if there is no action and drive to back it up. If you need a little bit of a nudge or guidance, check out Funding Circle. They pulled together 100 of  the most brilliant minds in one visual so you can get sage advice from the best in the business in a cool website. I’ve included some of my favorite ones here.







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