Things Couples Should Do After Getting Engaged

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Getting engaged is a milestone in a person’s life. It is a moment in the relationship when both parties realize they’re ready to take things to the next level. Just a step away from marriage, an engagement is a time for couples to begin preparing to spend the rest of their lives together. It is during this stage that couples should be happy as they grow deeper in love. Yet, the moment someone proposes, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of pressure on their shoulders to get hitched. 

Yes, the whole idea of engagement is to get married eventually. It’s also true that weddings take a while to plan. However, that doesn’t mean that a wedding needs to follow in the next few months. Before the thought of walking down the aisle comes into play, there are a few more important things couples need to get done. Continue reading to learn more. 

Do Something Special

Once your significant other pops the question, the first thing you want to do is share a photo on social media and share the news with your family and friends. Keep in mind, however, that this moment will only happen once in your life (or at least that’s the hope). Before putting the spotlight on your relationship, take the time to do something special. 

Go out to dinner, have a drink at the bar, plan a romantic night at home, or take a mini romantic getaway to enjoy the news as a couple. It makes the moment more special for you both and allows you to share your joy without others’ opinions or pressures. 

Share The News

After the two of you have had a moment to treasure your engagement, you can share the news with family and friends. There are several creative ways to do this. You can take a photo, upload it on social media, and add a cute caption, make a video announcement, or bring it up at your next family gathering. 

Capture The Moment

It is believed that when two people are in love, they have a certain glow about them that can’t be overlooked. What better way to celebrate your engagement than to capture the moment in photographs? Engagement photos are trendy these days. It’s a great way for couples to practice being in front of the camera displaying their love for all to see. Engagement photos can also be used as props at an engagement party, wedding, or images for invitations and more. 

Plan a Party

Speaking of an engagement party, many couples like celebrating their news with those closest to them. It’s an excellent way for the families to meet before the wedding and the perfect opportunity to show off that ring. Whether you opt for an intimate event at home or an elaborate celebration in a reception hall, there’s nothing like having the love and support of family and friends around you during this time. Have fun planning an engagement party they won’t soon forget. 

Send Out Save The Dates

After a few months have passed, chances are you’ve started thinking about your wedding. Though you haven’t ironed out many details, what you do know is when you’re planning to get hitched. Once you’ve decided on a date, you can let your intended guests know they’ll be attending a wedding soon. You can use your engagement photos for your save the dates or simply choose from several designs that include the theme or colors of your wedding. 

If you’ve recently gotten engaged, congratulations are in order. Chances are you’re ecstatic about the love of your life wanting to spend forever with you. Don’t ruin the moment by trying to race to get to the altar. Instead, take the time to enjoy this milestone in your relationship and complete the suggested steps listed above. Then, when you’re ready, begin taking steps to plan the wedding you always dreamed of.

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