Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny Shows 8 Ways to Make Your Home Green and Organic for The Entire Family

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Many people are interested in making their homes “green”. From cleaning products to reusable packaging, people who are interested in green living have a lot to think about.

If you want to go green, you probably have many reasons for this decision. Many people are concerned by the effect that harsh chemical products may have on their families’ health and wellness. Others may worry that their product choices could have a damaging effect on the environment since they have packaging that is wasteful or not recyclable. Others want to use natural ingredients in their home products. Fortunately, there are many home products and lifestyle brands that can help you choose the best options for your family.

Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny explains eight ways that you can make your home green and organic to benefit your whole family.

Reduce Single-Use Plastics

One of the easiest ways to make your home green is to cut down on your use of single-use plastics. Get into the habit of carrying your own refillable water bottles and coffee cups. Water bottles are one of the leading sources of plastic pollution in the oceans.

Another dangerous source of ocean pollution is the plastic grocery bag. Get eco-friendly reusable bags and leave them in your car to make sure that you use them every time. If you do have to use disposable bags, reuse them at home, or return them to the store for recycling. If you are using reusable bags, make sure that they are washed frequently to cut down on the dirt and bacteria that could build up inside.

Switch Out Cleaning Products

Your everyday household cleaning products could be causing health problems in your family. Cleaning products that contain chemical bleach, harsh disinfectants, antimicrobial agents, and other industrial chemicals can be a problem. As often as you can, switch out these dangerous products for green alternatives. Seventh Generation and Method are good alternatives that work as well as their chemically based counterparts.

You can also make your own household cleaning products using simple ingredients like vinegar and baking soda. Wiping windows with vinegar leaves them just as clean as using harsh glass cleaner spray.

Check Your Beauty Products

While you are looking for green products, you need to understand how much impact beauty products can have on your health. Beauty products are applied directly to your skin, and they are easily absorbed into your body.

Some beauty products contain dangerous industrial chemicals. Even seemingly safe ingredients like talc have been shown to contain cancer-causing ingredients. You may be confused by the long and unpronounceable names of chemical ingredients, and you may want to know how to tell whether your beauty products are toxic.

There are two excellent sources for beauty product information. The Think Dirty app allows you to scan your products’ barcodes and receive a score telling you how healthy they are. The EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database is another source for similar information. Both sources show how dangerous products could be affecting your health, and both present great alternatives to chemically-based products.

Wear Natural Fibers

One of the leading causes of pollution is the microfiber that comes out of polyester clothes like fleece. Whenever these garments are washed, they release more microfibers. Using natural clothing fabrics like linen, wool, and cotton will go a long way toward reducing environmental pollution. You will also be responsible for using fewer non-renewable petroleum products.

Look into Green Pet Products

When you are changing over to a green lifestyle, you will also want to look at your pet food. A green diet will keep your pets healthier and help them live longer lives, in addition to its environmental benefits. Grain-free cat and dog foods are a great choice. Many animals benefit from eating fresh diets rather than bagged kibble. They will have lower body weight and less chance of diseases like cancer.

You can also buy natural vitamins and supplements that will help your pets live healthier lives. These supplements contain healthy ingredients that can replace some over-the-counter drugs for pets.

Buy Natural Toys

Toys are one of the biggest culprits of plastic pollution. Most toys are made of a variety of plastic, and they are not healthy for children to play with. Choose toys made of wood, natural fibers, and eco-friendly recycled plastics.

Reduce What You Buy

One of the best ways to have a lower impact on the environment is to buy fewer things. Clothing in particular has a high impact on the environment. If you buy secondhand, you will be reducing waste and keeping products out of landfills. Thrifting can also be fun and save money for bigger things in your budget.

Use Renewable Energy

Even if you don’t live in a Sun Belt state, you can use solar energy in your home. A solar energy system may be expensive to install, but it will pay for itself in a matter of years. You will feel good about reducing your dependence on fossil fuels. Solar energy also comes with tax credits.

Going Green

When you use these 8 tips, it will be easy to go green and reduce your impact on the environment. We all need to do our part to make a gentler impact on planet Earth. These methods and products will help you do your part and show your children how to make a difference.