Gift Season Ahead! Gifts You May Have Overlooked

Fall is officially here and that means the season of giving is coming up sooner than you think.  Since most of us start our gift shopping early to get ahead of the crowds and last minute rush, it’s not too early to start considering your gift giving options.   There’s always new products, of course, but there’s also those that might have been around for a while.  Here’s a few gifts that you may have overlooked that might be perfect for that someone special this year.

Fashion Gifts


Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but pearls have also stood the test of time.  Now, they’re making a fashion comeback.  Freshwater pearls  come in the traditional white, but also in black, silver, and even multicolor.

Pearls are a stunning addition to any outfit.  So the same strand can be used to dazzle a dressy look, or just dress up something more casual.  And don’t forget the matching pearl earrings.

Crazy Socks

It seems that crazy socks never really go out of style.  In fact, they’ve gotten crazier and more creative in the last while.  You can even get all kinds of electric socks to keep feet warm, display a message, or just put a twinkle on someone’s toes.  Remember to give this gift the night before so they can proudly display them all day long.

Fun Gifts

Quirky Clocks

Remember that silly Felix the Cat clock that hung in your grandma’s kitchen?  Well, it’s back.  While you may not want this cute kitty swinging its tail in your living room, it’s an element of fun  when added to a hallway, bath, or laundry.

Toys We Played With As Kids

From the Etch-a-Sketch to classic versions of video games, everyone likes a gift that takes them back to those carefree moments in their youth.  So whether your gift recipient is the artistic type or a grown up gamer, one of these is sure to be appreciated.

Think Ahead – And Back!

Now is the perfect time to get that head start on your gift shopping.   And you just might find an amazing gift like these or others that is making it’s way back from the past!

Jackie LaMar

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