Start Your Own Restoration Business: How To Get Training

The first step to start a restoration company is to undertake an IICRC restoration training.

Importance of a Restoration Company

Be it a home or an office space, there is always scope for damages to occur, and that is when we need to call a restoration company to fix it. A restoration company offers a wide range of services like Fire & Smoke Restoration, Water & Flood Restoration, Sewage Cleanup, Stone Maintenance and Restoration etc. The first step to start a restoration company is to undertake an IICRC restoration training. A restoration company is always in high demand following natural disasters.

Role of IICRC in starting a restoration company

To get trained and start a restoration company, one has to take up various classes offered by the IICRC (The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). IICRC

  • is a non-profit organization that sets safety and health standards for the cleaning and restoration industries.
  •  provides cleaning and restoration courses that include Textile Floor Coverings, Hard Surface Flood Covering, Upholstery Cleaning, Stone Maintenance and Restoration, Water Damage Restoration, Environmental Assessment for Mold Contamination, HVAC Cleaning and Decontamination, Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration etc.
  • develops a standard procedure, industry-accepted terminology and educational resources for restoration and cleaning and moreover, as the cleaning industry directly deals with the public, IICRC does the critical part of establishing safe practices. It has been a proven fact that the professionals who hold IICRC certifications demonstrate a high understanding of their business.

How to get IICRC Certified?

There are several areas of expertise in the cleaning and restoration industries that offer certifications. Most of the employers and clients will want to see some accreditation and are well aware of the IICRC standards. For example, if you’re going to start a water restoration company, then you will have to take up the IICRC WRT ( Water Restoration Technician) Certification.

The WRT Course will teach you the science of drying, best practices for mitigation and standard terms. To supervise the crew or the employees, you are going to hire in your startup; it is very much essential that you know the basic and standard terms related to water restoration. Building a restoration business on your own may allow you more flexibility, but it will also require more knowledge on the same.

Below is the list of few courses that IICRC offers.

Carpet Cleaning Technician:

This certification is essential in the carpet cleaning business, and most of the professionals have it. This is a 16 hours course taught with a live instructor and covers every area of rug cleaning, public health and other issues that may be encountered.

Water Damage Technician:

To run a business in this industry, it is very much essential to have a basic knowledge of water damage and its adverse health outcomes.  IICRC offers this 24 hours course that educates the participant on the principals of drying science, microorganisms,  fibre and chemicals like the ones offered by Poly Chemistry.

Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician:

This certificate is for all the professionals who would like to start fire restoration services in their restoration company. IICRC has developed industry standards that professionals are expected to follow when taking part in disaster restoration.

IICRC Certification & Renewal

Upon completing the course, a technician card number is issued. Apart from the cost of the training, it is essential to pay the yearly registration fee to maintain and keep the certification active.

Once the restoration certification is obtained, you can start your business with confidence. Like any other business, restoration is based on projects. Licensing is another important factor in the construction and restoration industry.

IICRC also provides certification to firms and business owners. Companies that hold the firm accreditation can use the clean trust logo for any marketing and advertising purposes and will be listed as a certified professional in the IICRC’s official website.