Going on a Hiking Trip? Use iOS and Android Monitoring Software!

Are you all packed and set to go to one of the most amazing hiking trails in the world? You may have packed every clothing you need for you itinerary, kept your medicines and save all emergency contacts in your cell phone. However, one important tip many people forget about is using an iOS and Android monitoring software to allow loved ones back home to keep a track of your whereabouts for their mental peace and for your security.

Mishaps can happen to anyone, this is why finding a way to let your loved ones follow up on your hiking trail is a great idea. Your family can come get you if they have some leads. This is why, choosing the right kind of app with all the necessary monitoring features is the first step towards the right direction. Apps like XNSPY work great with iOS and Android smartphones and offer several innovative tracking features.

All you have to do is to install the app in your cell phone. From the control panel, your family can access the following features while you enjoy your hiking trip:

GPS Tracking

This feature allows your loved ones back home to keep a check on your movement via Google Maps. The app allows them to see where you are right now as well as maintains the history of all the locations you have been previously.

Record Calls

This feature records all calls that you make from your cell phone. The recorded files temporarily save on the SD-Card, and the app uploads them to the control panel. Once uploaded, the files delete from the SD-card automatically, which means it does not cause occupying of space in your cell phone.

View Photos and Videos


This iOS and Android monitoring software uploads photos and videos to the control panel automatically, making it easy for you to share videos and photos with your family at home.  This way you won’t have to go through the hassle of sending photos and videos at different times of the day while you are on the hiking trip.

Remote Access

It’s always good to think about adverse situations that ‘may’ arise, not that you want something bad to happen to you, but this helps prepare yourself with an emergency backup plan. Suppose for some reason, you lose your cell phone, (e.g. you were mugged or accidentally left it somewhere or dropped it). We all use the browser on our cell phone for online banking whenever we find a hot spot and saved passwords in a stolen or lost phone can be a big risk. Your loved ones can help you lock the cell phone remotely or wipe off all your personal data to protect your privacy.

Record Voices in Surroundings

In case you find yourself in a difficult situation where you become a captive, through this feature, your loved ones back home can record and listen to the conversations around you, and use the information to help you.

Watchlist Words

XNSPY offers this very interesting feature, which allows the users (in this case, your family) to add words for which the app should notify them when the target person (in this case you) uses them. Suppose you need help or are in unforeseen dangerous circumstances, you can send a text with the watch-listed word and the app will notify your family instantly. They can quickly access the control panel, monitor your situation, and send help accordingly.

To wrap things up, going on a hiking trip is a great opportunity. Pack well, and make sure you keep your cell phone’s charger so that you can keep it powered on while you are on your trip. This iOS and Android monitoring software doesn’t drain the battery, which makes it even more convenient to use. Keep your loved ones informed at every stage of your trip, be safe, and have loads of fun!

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