Jewellery Gift Ideas For Grooms To Give To Their Bride On Their Wedding Day

Traditionally, brides and groom’s will give gifts to one another on or just before their wedding day. This exchanging of gifts is a sign of loyalty and shows just how much you mean to one another. Jewellery is a popular gift for grooms to give to their brides as they can be worn on the big day and they make a beautiful keepsake. While you’ve already chosen an engagement ring for her,  she’s bound to love another jewellery gift from you. To give you some much-needed inspiration, here are some gift ideas to help you out.

A Charm Bracelet


Charm bracelets can be fun and filled with memories from your time together so far. You can choose charms that remind you of special holidays, inside jokes and other memories you both hold dear. For instance, an Eiffel Tower charm could symbolise Paris, which is where you proposed. You can make it simple or as over the top as you like, just remember to choose a metal or style of bracelet she will love. Again, you can create one in a store like Pandora or make one yourself. It’s a gift that you have the freedom to create yourself and will remind your bride of happy times in your relationship. To get the best fit, take a look at this guide.

A Pearl Necklace

Pearls have always been a popular choice for brides, which makes the an ideal bridal jewellery gift. It can be worn for the ceremony or at the wedding reception afterwards and look effortlessly chic and stylish. You can find them in varying lengths and colours and they can easily be worn by your brides after your wedding day is over. Or for an extra special touch, why not harvest your own pearl using a DIY kit. The kits provide you with everything you need to create a pearl necklace pendant instead of a strand. Your bride will love to know that she is wearing something that you created yourself and she will appreciate the extra effort you have gone to.

A Locket

Lockets are timeless jewellery pieces that would make a beautiful bridal gift. They can be personalised with family photos or engraved to bring sentiment and personality that’s unique to your bride. You could place a photo of you both together or a photo of a relative that has passed. Or you could have your wedding date or a line from your vows engraved on the back. The great thing about lockets is that they come in so many different styles, metals and sizes. Which makes it easier for you to find one that suits your bride’s wedding dress and style. She will love that this gift is truly one of a kind. For help choosing a beautiful locket to give as a wedding gift, see this guide.

Whatever item of jewellery you go for, always have your bride’s style and tastes in mind to ensure you make the best choice possible. This jewellery piece will be something she cherishes for the rest of her life as it will hold fond memories of your big day.

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