Got Hats? I Do, and I Love Them!

ponytail hats

Remember last March, when the Covid lockdown was announced? As if you’ll ever forget, huh? For the first couple weeks, I was like most everyone, not quite sure what was happening or how long it would last. For the first couple weeks, I dutifully maintained the same daily routine I’d had for many years. The alarm rings, I get up and shower. Get dressed, do the makeup, do the hair. And all the rest. Hats had never, ever been a part of my wardrobe or my fashion tastes.

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Somewhere into the third or fourth week, it stopped feeling rational to keep up the same old routine. I live alone, and virtually no one ever saw me. Even work didn’t require video. So going through the effort to make myself presentable lost all its allure. And I bought my first ball cap on Amazon. Via Amazon Prime, it was delivered the next day, and a couple days later I was not only hooked on the ease of wearing a hat, I’d purchased a couple more. You know, it’s a wardrobe variety thing.

Why I’d never allowed myself the pleasure of a simple pony tail, a scrunchie, popping on a cap I cannot tell you. But by a month in, I’d quit doing the hair routine at all. And, when I did venture out to get groceries, I actually got compliments. Ease and grace? Well, at least ease, and a little ego stroking for extra measure.

Now that I’m a seasoned pro in the ball cap fashion field, I’ve got a collection of a dozen or so in various colors, some plain, some fancy, and some with a favorite message emblazoned across the front.

One of my most recent discoveries is a cap with an extra slit above the clasp on the back. Appropriately called Ponytail Hats. That makes it easy to get a long pony tail up and out of the way, without trying to stuff it up under. It’s great for running, or any time you just want your hair up off your neck.

Apparently, I’m far from alone. Industry statistics show a marked increase in sales of hats of all kinds since Covid struck, particularly ball caps. Why? Here’s my version of why:

  • Easy. It’s way faster to toss a cap on than it is to set and curl your hair.
  • Cheaper. Caps range in price from a few dollars to upwards of $50, depending on how fancy you want to get. Compare that to the cost of styling mousse, gels, sprays, and the like, and you’re way ahead. And oh, yeah, the cost of your stylist.
  • Personal messaging. Got a little sass today? Feeling bummed? Got a fave cause? There’s an embroidered hat for any of those, and much more.

If you haven’t added some ball caps to your wardrobe yet, I’m thinking it’s time. Plain, multi-colored, ponytail hats, embroidered, whatever your heart desires. Pick up a few, and I’ll see you in the casual line.

Jackie LaMar

Beach lover. SoCal dweller. Life is never over unless you surrender. Keep going, the prize IS out there.