Four Tips for a Happier and Healthier Life While Sticking to a Budget

happier and healthier

As the seasons change, it’s only natural to reflect on the year so far and look ahead to the future.

Instead of waiting for yet another News Years resolution to promise to make changes toward life a happier and healthier lifestyle, why not start now?

Unfortunately, making it happen is easier said than done. Likewise, in the midst of a tumultuous election year and increased in-person isolation due to social media, more and more citizens are trying to spend their way to happiness.

Sounds backwards, doesn’t it?

Instead of spending a fortune in the pursuit of happiness, consider the actionable steps you can take today unlock the simple joys of life while sticking to a shoestring budget.


Throw More Parties

The benefits of socializing more are well-documented.  From increased mental sharpness to building personal relationships, there’s no reason not to put yourself out there.

There’s perhaps no better way to bring people together than by becoming the life of the party, quite literally. Think about it: do you really need an excuse to celebrate?

Even if it’s just among a colleagues or co-workers, a potluck affair with affordable decorations from Party Swizzle can bring some old friends out of the woodwork and allow you to reconnect with others who may feel a bit down in the dumps themselves.


Take Time to Unplug

While there’s no need for you to throw out your computer or cancel your smart phone plan, you should consider unplugging from social media every now and then as means of unwinding and finding personal joy. After all, too much time in front of a screen can impact your health in the form of eye fatigue or sitting disease if you’re not moving around much.

As an alternative to plugging away at your phone or computer, consider any combination of the following as a healthy, productive alternative:

  • Read a book: yes, a physical book, which can help expand your mind and calm yourself before bed
  • Talk a walk: the benefits of a daily walk include weight loss and decreased risk of heart disease
  • Learn a new skill: from picking up an instrument to learning to cook, it’s never too late to take up a rewarding hobby

There’s no harm in spending time online: however, don’t lose sight of what makes you happy in the process.


Join a Club

If you find your social circle shrinking or simply feel lonely, consider engaging your local community in the form of a club. Chances are there are other like-minded people in your area looking to make connections and better themselves. From running clubs to volunteering for charities, such commitments won’t cost you a dime.  Plus, they  represent the potential to build friendships that will last a lifetime.



Finally, embracing a “less is more,” minimalist lifestyle is often key to finding true happiness in today’s hustle and bustle world. Take a room by room cleaning approach.  Assess the physical “stuff” and clutter that may be weighing on your mind.  And consider donating it to charity or selling it at a garage sale. You’d be surprised at how much you’ve accumulated over the years.  And how others may benefit from what you’re willing to part with.


Living a happier and healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Simply take the time to socialize, make connections and focus on what makes you truly happy and fulfilled.


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