Important Things You Should Check When You Start A New Job

So you have aced your job interview and are on the way for your first day at your new employer. And you are feeling excited and nervous about the day ahead; after all, you have a lot of people to meet and tons to learn so that you do a great job in the role.

But there are some other things you must do on your first day. Here are some important things you should check when you start a new job, so everything runs smoothly during your employment.

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You need to check your contract thoroughly

Some employers send out your contact before you start your role. But others wait until the first day when they do important checks such as checking your passport and sorting out your pay. When you do get your contract, you need to make sure you take it home with you so that you can read it thoroughly.

We know how easy it is to quickly sign the papers so that you don’t upset your new employer! But there is so much you need to check before you do sign, so take it home with you to read through. If there are things you want to change on your contract, read our previous blog on negotiating your employment contract. After all, you want to be happy working for your employer for the next few years!

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You need to check who your HR advisor is

On your first day, you need to make sure you check who your HR advisor is. After all, this is the person you will go to if you have issues with your job. They will also be useful in helping you with any queries you may have about your employment and pay. Therefore, ask your boss who you should go to for HR issues. That way, you won’t be embarrassed to ask in the future who you need to speak to.

You should check if you get sickness pay

It’s so important that you check if you will get sick pay from your employer. Some companies do provide some form of healthcare insurance, so that if you do get ill while working for them, you can get the treatment you need. But if they don’t, you can then find your own healthcare insurance so that you are protected if something happens to you. After all, you still need to pay your bills if you are not working! You can look online on a health insurance comparison site to find the best deals for your health insurance.

You should check if there is a specific dress code

You might have got some idea of dress code at your new employer when you went for your interview. But if you didn’t, you should check on your first day if there is a specific dress code. They might have a dress-down Friday where you can dress more informally at work. Or it might be strictly formal clothes every day for work if you are in front of customers. So check out how your colleagues’ dress and then  alter your wardrobe for the workplace.

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Don’t forget to have a snoop on LinkedIn about your new colleagues at work. You might find something you both have in common that will help you to strike up a conversation! And as this article says, once you are friends, you can reinforce your new connections on this site.

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