Holiday Android: 3 Gifts For The Android Lover

The holidays are fast approaching. Somehow, each day that passes brings you closer to them, but you’re still nowhere nearer to figuring out what to get your significant other. If you’re starting to panic because of the pressure, first, dab the sweat off your brow line; it’s going to be okay. Second, check in with this list of holiday gifts for the Android lover in your life.

A New Handset

Perhaps the most expensive option on the list is also one of the most thoughtful. If their old Moto G is struggling under the weight of bloatware, taking forever to load even the simplest apps, or typing strange things thanks to a damaged screen, treat them to a new smartphone.

From the Pixel XL to the new Galaxy Note 8, there are a lot of Androids that would make your loved one happy, so you have your work cut out for you. If you aren’t sure where to start, do some snooping, and see which handset has the best overall scores from critics. Talk to the reps of your cell phone carrier when you pass by their kiosk at the mall. They can help you parse through the reviews.

Don’t forget to remember your partner! It’s for them, after all. If they’re a Google fan, then the XL is the better option, but if they’re a Samsung devotee than the latest Note 8 would be the phone to win over their hearts.

Whichever you choose, complete the gift package with hardware like Galaxy Note 8 skins. These thin yet durable accessory protects the handset from wear and tear, grime, and even spilled liquids. Best of all you can customize its design to make your Galaxy Note 8 stand out from the crowd, so your loved one knows it’s for them and only them.


You don’t need to check your shared Netflix history to know your Android lover is a serial binge-watcher. Between re-watches of Stranger Things 2, Mindhunter, and OitNB, your SO is caught up on every new release and more.

You might as well make it easier for them to consume every episode of their next fixation with Chromecast. This little dongle fits neatly into any TV’s HDMI port, instantly unlocking any streaming service they have a subscription to. Through the magic of Wi-Fi and other components we don’t understand, Chromecast links your bae’s smartphone (that new Note 8, right?) to the TV, so they only need to swipe their thumb to start a new series.

Chromecast is at its best if it’s linking several services, so complement the dongle with subscriptions to other streaming channels. Cover the updated cost of Netflix, or get them a new membership to Hulu. If they’re like these huge Game of Thrones fans, a subscription to HBO Now is in order. There are ton of services available today, and many of them have overlapping content, so do a bit of research to find out the best one for your honey’s streaming predilections.

Wireless Charging Dock

Between both of your phones, laptops, and speakers, plus the TV and Xbox, there are a lot of wires cluttering up your home. If your partner’s more than a little OCD, they may have a short fuse when it comes to plugging gadgets into long cords.

Short of snipping each wire and throwing your beloved-tech out the window, you’ll find it hard to eliminate all the cord-based clutter in your home, but you can reduce the number of cables giving your loved one anxiety.

Choose a wireless charging dock for their devices. They come in unexpected shapes and sizes, so you can find something that would fit in with Blade Runner 2049 or opt for something that could be mistaken for an indoor garden. Better yet, head to IKEA to find docks disguised as furniture — or is that the other way around?

A gift that can play double duty will earn you double the amount of brownie points. Just remember that as you go shopping this December. Though these are just three options, any of these gifts suggested today will take the pressure off your holidays because they wear more than one hat. If your special someone holds a special place in their heart for everything Android, get them something they’ll use and love by wrapping up something from this list.

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