Stellar Client Gifts for the Upcoming Holiday Season

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Maintaining a great relationship with a client can be imperative to your professional success. So, what’s one way you can go above and beyond? Try getting them an awesome holiday gift.  Now before you start stressing out about finding the perfect present, check out our suggestions for something surprising and work appropriate.

A Personalized Pinot

While sending wine and cheese are a surefire way to woo any client, why not kick it up a notch? For a delicious wine corporate gift, try Etching Expressions. They put customized messages on their bottles, everything from inside jokes to company logos. And the best part? Your client won’t just get a delicious drink, but a commemorative keepsake when the wine’s run out. Not sure if your client’s a wino? Etching Expressions also offers custom olive oil bottles. Try sending one with a fresh baguette and nice cheese for a holiday present that’s sure to please.

The Gift that Keeps on…Getting Delivered

For a gift that will be a hit even after the holidays, try giving them a subscription box. Graze delivers health-conscious snacks in sharable portions to your (office) door. Since no office is immune to the mid-afternoon munchies, it’s a gift that is sure to get gobbled up. Plus, the low calorie snacks and organic ingredients mean you won’t feel guilty after. For a dog-friendly workplace, try BarkBox to really win over their best friends. It delivers new toys and treats every month which really shows your client’s canines you care.  They’re sure to give you the bark of approval.

For That Chilly Corporate Climate

The workplace can be a little cold. We’re talking about the A/C, of course! This winter, give your client a way to warm up in style. Send them a stylish personalized fleece embroidered with their company logo and name. A classic black zip off won’t clash with business professional and always works for the more casual client workplace. Not to mention, it’s perfect for business trips.

A Taste of Your City

If your client is across the country, why not give them a little taste of your locale? For the client that is always planning the next business dinner, this makes a perfectly personalized gift. Many small restaurants and businesses ship their goodies across the country for their homesick far away fans. And if your favorite café hasn’t figured out how to ship cross-country yet, try Goldbely. They ship iconic regional treats like delicious deep dish pizza, Maine lobster or fluffy beignets from your favorite restaurants across the country.

A Little Pick Me Up

The daily grind can be a little draining. Give your client the gift of a delicious wake up with a basket of gourmet coffee. For the Keurig-equipped office, try giving them a variety of delicious flavors and pods. Instead of option for the usual black coffee, try spicing things up with some fun flavors, hot chocolate or latte pods. For an added sweet treat, throw some dark chocolate in with that coffee.  It’s a great (less caffeinated) way to combat that mid-afternoon grogginess. Plus, a chocolate treat makes your mid-afternoon brew taste even better.

A Nice Notebook

Is your client always taking meticulous notes? Give them a high-quality customized notebook. A leather-bound one paired with a nice pen makes for a gift clients might otherwise not treat themselves to. It’s a welcome break from the bland office supplies often handed out by companies. Which means that even in a world inundated with tablets and tech, a paper notebook makes for a timeless and useful corporate gift.

A Way to Keep in Touch

For some clients, conducting business means they’re always on the move. Try giving these jetsetters a pair of sleek Bluetooth headphones. Nothing’s worse than not being able to hear on a conference call, so look for one that integrates noise-cancelling technology and high-definition audio.