How Safe Is Your Neighborhood? Use These 5 Tools to Find Out

How safe is your neighborhood

What neighborhood basically means is the community behind it, but there’s so much more hidden in its meaning. Neighborhood makes you feel welcome and safe during your stay. With the modern-day apps and websites, it’s never been so easy to help to track your neighborhood’s safety.

Even though the mentioned tools have become available recently, the whole concept of neighborhood crime watch was on the table since the 1960’s. For example, the National Neighbourhood Watch was formed back in 1972. But as time goes, the technologies were developed into a whole new complex, helping people tracking the vital components of their neighborhood in a few clicks or swipes.

In most cases like moving into a new neighborhood, or just looking for a new place and, for example, living well in some of the suburbs, checking with trusty online resources will greatly improve your level of safety and overall understanding of the area. Some of the best digital tools just simply gather all of the information publicly available online, along with the tips from the locals and government reports.

Today we combined a list of the best neighborhood Safety tools on the market:


AreaVibes helps you to get the very best of finest places to stay in America. Company levels areas and cities centered on metrics such as amenities available, crime levels. Simply search a county, city, locality, or exact street to get the idea on how it ranks neighborhoods that ladder up an overall Score of Livability up to 100 points. AreaVibes lets you compare the places from your own list with an average of over 35,000 available in the database. Customized lookup functionality is helping you to tick the offenses that worry you most of all.


A highly coveted tool for the entrepreneurs and people that are looking to buy property in the area. With its highly intelligent database, you can find contact details of the people living in the place of your interest in just a few moments. Contact them by phone or email and ask local about the neighbourhood’s safety. As simple as that, firsthand info is always the best.


This is the local search lookup tool that can be used not only by landlords of all kinds but by property professionals seeking to find new lead-generating opportunities and cut the risks awaiting on the way. NeighborhoodScout algorithms generate true profiles and safety levels for cities and areas, which makes it a resource for individuals that have just started looking for a house. Narrow your choice to meet safety requirements and your way of living. Of course, in the event that you discover an area that is wonderful but the location is not good for you? The tool will navigate you to the same looking neighborhood in a moment. Be aware that while the majority of the website’s functional is absolutely free to work with, payment is required to take certain actions.


In case you’re worried that opinion-based suggestions on various forums and websites may violate information about offenses, then you should definitely check this website. When other crime reposts services aggregate offense reports from several sources (including “getting” results within other similar resources ), CrimeMapping relies solely upon police-reported offenses from a partnered police departments. As the CrimeMapping way of gathering data implies increased accuracy, but in contrary, it limits the amount of information available. This happens because of the limited number of trusted partners that make it to the website. In case you want to perform a search query in a specific area, CrimeMapping lets you run it through authorities bureaus, any postal address, or even for specific house or address. You may even set up custom alerts when a crime committed in a followed area of your interest.


This website gathers data from about a thousand of participating police bureaus all over the country to generate great looking and detailed crime maps. Check a certain area or police department and filter results by the crime type. Scroll the map into the region of concern, subsequently place alerts from the thorough collection of possible events, by the big (theft of vehicle) into the small (disorderly behavior). You may even connect your security camera to help policemen in your area.