How to Celebrate Your Anniversary on a Budget

celebrate your anniversary

Is your wedding anniversary coming up and you simply don’t have much money to spend? Although some outings can get pricey, others can be exciting and easy to afford. Here are a few ways to spend some quality time with your loved one without breaking the bank when you celebrate your anniversary.

Tour an Art Gallery

Does your spouse love art? If so, why not take them to an art gallery for your anniversary? Most art galleries are very affordable to visit, some are even free! After you visit the gallery, take a stroll in the park, or hop on a bus to a local beach. Grab a quick hot dog or other inexpensive street food on your way.

Go Skating

When was the last time you went skating with your spouse? If it’s been many years since the last time you’ve put on a pair of skates, why not do something nostalgic? Spend the night skating your heart out with your sweetheart!

Go Fishing

While this one is not for everyone, you might have a great time fishing with your husband or wife. Fishing is a great pastime that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to enjoy. All you need is a couple of fishing poles and some bait.

Send the Kids to Grandma’s

Can’t afford a babysitter? Why not send the kids to their grandparents’ house or to another relative for the weekend? Having time alone as a couple is what every relationship needs. Go to the grocery store and pick up an array of cheeses, charcuteries and ingredients for a chocolate fondue. Buy food items you normally couldn’t afford for the entire family.Spending quality time at home can be romantic and won’t cost you a thing.

Have Breakfast in Bed

If you have older children who know their way around the kitchen, why not arrange to have them make you and your spouse breakfast in bed? Enjoy a meal and relax!

Go to a Free Outdoor Movie

Many cities offer free outdoor movies at local parks. This is a great way to spend some time with your husband or wife on your anniversary. To make this even a little more romantic, bring along your favorite wine and some strawberries dipped in chocolate.

Exchange Love Letters

When’s the last time you expressed how you truly value your spouse in a letter? Exchanging kind and loving words can strengthen your relationship. After enjoying a meal at home, plan to exchange love letters and spend some quality time together.

Rent a Cabin for the Night

While this may be the most expensive on the list, it can be worth every penny. Spending the night disconnected from modern distractions is a great way to put the spark back into your marriage. Make sure to bring along a good bottle of wine, some candles and maybe a card or board games. If you can’t find the money to book such an outing, a small online loan from a trustworthy source can pay for the trip temporarily. Pay the loan back in installments in order to avoid any negative impact on your monthly budget.

If your anniversary is coming up, spending quality time with your spouse doesn’t need to be expensive. Each of these ideas is sure to bring happiness to your special day without breaking the bank.