How to Choose a Great Pair of Glasses

Most of the time, you won’t dare go out without your shades in the summer.  They are part of your attire more so because of the blaring summer sun than the rest of the months.  However, you should wear them during the cooler months as well.  Shades or prescription glasses do more than just improve your looks and cover your red eyes… they protect your eyes. If you are in search of a pair of good fitting shades or glasses, you should know a couple of things first.

I know for many the price is a big factor. Not everyone can afford designer glasses, such as Gucci or LV. Nonetheless, you can find a pair to meet your budget and style at They have a full range of sun shades and prescription glasses.

If you like Tom Ford or Cecil Gee, you should take a look at their website. They feature Superdry glasses by Blaine, which is available in a variety of colors and frames. The stylish frames are infamous for their special detailing. Note: To prevent scratching, always use the lens cloth on your sunshades to keep them looking new. Also, for high-quality and fashionable eyeglasses try Hackett glasses by CoolFrames. It is a perfect balance between professionalism and fun, allowing you to make a fashion statement while still maintaining a polished and stylish appearance.

After reading this, I hope that you will have a better understanding on how to choose a great pair of glasses.

There are so many designer frames to pick from.  Decide on the style you want.  Fashion shades can be sporty, sexy and protective. You can pick from many brands, which are reasonably priced.

In order for the shades or glasses to look right, they must be the right size. If you are able to walk in an optical store, the professionals there should measure your face for you. If you are ordering online and have to do it yourself, look up a guide or reference on how to measure your face for a great fitting pair of glasses.

Know what your shape is. This is just as important as getting a pair to fit. The shape of your face will also help to  determine what style of glasses to wear. If you have an oval face, you may need a pair that covers the face. Usually, the tip of the glasses should be just below the brows, and above or rest on the cheekbones.

The best pair of glasses will protect your vision. If you have night blindness, then choosing a colored lens could make a difference in how you respond to oncoming traffic lights. Additionally, if you are a golfer, the best choice is a copper coated lens. They will lessen the background colors, enabling you to focus on the ball.

You should know that a pair of shades or prescription frames made with glass will cost more. They will likely break if dropped.  An alternative to that is to purchase glasses made out of polycarbonate. They are affordable, however, you may sacrifice quality.