Reinventing Small Spaces

The very reason I chose to buy a fixer-upper instead of a new home was simply that I dance to a different beat… I have my own ideas. Since I was paying for it, I decided I should have what I want instead of another person’s dream.

The home I picked out had a few design issues, however, it was a split-level home with extreme possibilities, plus it encompasses one and a half acres of green space and plenty of shade trees. In my mind, I owned the perfect home. The fact that I could reinvent the living spaces as well as the land was a welcome challenge.

Here is a list of things I have done to reinvent a small space. Hope it gives you ideas on your next renovation project!

  • The first change, of course, was to the living space. It has plenty of windows to dress up. I chose large stones to accent an odd sized wall and to bring in some of nature’s clunks.  I installed a wood burning fireplace to give it warmth and heart. The walls are covered with pine wood to simulate a log cabin. Since I had more windows than wall, this transformation was relatively inexpensive.
  • Secondly, I stripped the kitchen of its cabinets doors and drawers.  I added see-through cabinet doors and gave the drawers new handles and knobs.  I like being able to see where things are in a glance.  Since the kitchen is small, the appliances, food stock and plates will be within arms reach.
  • As a family, we tend to gather around the dinning room for many reasons other than to eat.  To make it cozy, I put in another wood fireplace.  Not only does it add flavor to the dinning area, this will help eliminate heating cost in the winter. The space saving basket and shelf under the table is a useful spot to put items you may need to serve guest with.


  • The bathroom is an area that should be inviting and relaxing.  This room is a combination of two extremely small spaces.  To make the bathroom larger, I opened up the spaces and placed the old fashioned tub on the outside of the toilet area making it a room within a room. Many of the accessories were found at the local salvage stores for huge savings.


  • The hallway outside the bedroom is actually just big enough to put a couple items in, so I added a functional piece of furniture.  The suggestion to add designer wallpapers was fabulous.  You can get yours from  They can take a picture you own or use one of theirs.  Therefore, I took a picture of a drawing my daughter made and sent it to them. I was amazed at the outcome.  I would recommend shopping with them, if you are in the market for a mural.  Their prices are competitive and they ship directly to your home.