How to Create a Dating Profile That Stands out from the Crowd


When it comes to finding love, one of the most popular ways to meet people now is through online dating. Instead of the more traditional methods of meeting someone in a bar, or through friends, more people are now finding their partners using the best dating sites and apps they can find.   However, with so many people now using this method, it generally involves a lot of searching and conversations before meeting someone who might be a good match. The best way to improve the chances of finding your perfect partner (or getting more dates) is by having a dating profile that really stands out.

Here are some tips on how to do just that:

Research other profiles

Before you spend hours curating the ‘perfect’ profile, take a look at different profiles that are on the dating website you are using. Dating websites all cater for different people and purposes, so whilst your profile might suit one site, it wouldn’t necessarily be suitable for another. You want your profile to show why people should want to date you, without sounding like you are bragging, so make a note of how others have managed that in a way that you think works well.

Use photos that tell a story

Your photo choice is more important than just revealing your physical appearance, they can also be a good conversation starter if you select the right ones. If you enjoy skiing, running, playing a musical instrument or any other interesting hobby, using an action photo can prompt someone to message you if they are intrigued or can’t decide how to start their message. Your photos will give people an instant impression of you, so try to choose ones where you are doing activities that you want people to associate with you.

Avoid negative language

When people are looking for a new relationship, they are usually hoping to meet someone with a positive outlook. If you reflect on negative details about yourself or talk about past relationships, this might put off potential matches. It is best to avoid any mention of past relationships and even if you do not feel overly confident about yourself, don’t show this in your profile.

Don’t come across too serious

Whilst it is important to indicate whether you are ultimately looking for a long-term relationship instead of a casual one, coming across too strong in your profile can scare people off. Perhaps you have been out of the dating game for a while. Well, there’s loads of advice around online. Reading blogs such as Badoo The Truth can help you get a refresh of what to expect at different stages of a relationship.

dating profile
Use some humor

To keep your profile nicely light-hearted, using a little bit of humor can work well. It shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously and that you will be fun to be around. You don’t have to go over the top as if you were writing the script for a stand-up comedy show, but a little joke will show you have a good sense of humor and can be a good conversation starter.

Whether you are completely new to online dating, or you are looking to improve your chances of meeting someone, these five tips should help you on your way to finding love.


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